Man Discouraged From Killing Self In The Morning, Succeeds At Night As He Ingests Poison

Suicide used to be alien to our culture and lifestyle as Nigerians and indeed, still is. Some cultures till date even regard it as a curse, a form of taboo and as such, regarded as a bad omen. The corpse of people who commit suicide in such societies are usually denied a dignified burial as they are cast away in the evil forest.

However, the rate at which Nigerians especially youths take their lives now, is terrifying and calls for urgent attention. But then, what leads a person to end his/her life? The reasons are as absurd as they are germane but committing suicide is a sign of hopelessness and surrender; above all, it is a grievous sin against the creator.

According to popular blogger, Linda Ikeji, this incident happened in Olaitan street, Masha, Surulere. According to eye witnesses, they woke up early Saturday morning and saw a man known in the area as Afeez climbing the PHCN high tension electric pole that runs through the area. Afeez had reportedly told his friends the day before that he didn’t want to live anymore. A large crowd gathered and repeatedly begged him to come down, which he eventually did.

First Attempt: The PHCN High Tension Pole He Allegedly Climbed Before He Listened To Pleas To Get Down

As soon as he got down, the same set of people that pleaded with him to climb down, started raining slaps and hauling abuses at him for wanting to commit suicide. His friends eventually carried him away and the crowd dispersed.

Afeez In The Lemon Green T-Shirt After He Climbed Down The PHCN Pole

Later that day, at night, Afeez eventually succeeded in doing what he was disuaded from doing in the morning- killing himself. It was a shocked neighbourhood that woke up on Sunday morning (i.e yesterday) to the sad news of Afeez’s death. He is alleged to have drank a poisonous substance that snuffed the life out of him.

Stone Dead: Afeez’s Corpse Draped In White Been Carried Away
Sad End: Corpse Laid In The Back Of A Truck

Now, his death poses alot of question especially, as regards the role of his friends and neighbours who didn’t do enough apparently to save Afeez from himself. A person with suicidal tendencies needs all the help, care, love and supervision he can get not beatings, abuses or neglect. Maybe, just maybe if he hadn’t been left alone by himself, they could have saved him from committing suicide even if it’s for a few more days or hours.

Very sad end indeed for Afeez and may his soul find rest and peace from this troubled world that he hated so much as to want to leave it.


  1. Very sad.Really sad.People around him after the first rescue that morning should have said nice and encouraging words to him.They should have tried to talk sense into him and tell him all hope should not be lost.Let him see reasons to be alive.They should have find a way to inform his people too by going thru his contacts to alert them of what he intended doing.Maybe all these would have been averted.may his soul rest in peace.May Allah forgive his sins.

  2. Hmmm shud i say may his soul rest in peace? Well, suicide is a quik tiket n short cot to hell fire. Only God knows. Its such a bad news!


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