Man Sentenced To Jail in Abuja For Picking Senator’s Pocket

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A 52-year-old man, Mohammed Lawal was yesterday sentenced to a 6-month jail term for stealing from Senator Emmanuel Nkwocha in an Abuja hotel recently.

Mohammed Lawal reportedly pretended to beg from the Senator when he dipped his hand into the lawmaker’s pocket stealing an undisclosed amount of money. He was reported to have quickly dropped the money on the floor when he discovered the Senator was aware of his act.

According to the police prosecutor, Abdullahi Adamu‎​, the crime was reported at Wuse Zone 3 Police Station by Abdullahi Kabiru of Prescort Village, Abuja on September 18, 2012. He said the accused had confessed to the crime which according to him is against the provisions of Section 287 of the Penal Code.

The presiding Magistrate, Ann Akobi sentenced the convict without an option of fine after listening to the First Information Report on the one-count charge to which the accused pleaded guilty at the Abuja Senior Magistrates’ Court.

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  1. I so much hate dix country..An hungry man has d tendency to do anyfin in order to get food..nt even in a country whr there is no job opportunity md citizen’s right are nt respected. Yet dese senators r earning money like anyfin nd u expect a hungry man nt to tap frm hi. The man was harmless I’m sure..He dropped d money immediately d man caught him in d act.. This senator cud nt forgive him nd ask him wat his probs are. Too bad of him anywayz, ask d fuckin senator if is innocent too.Can he account for govt funds he has embezzled in his fuckin life..fuck dix fuckin country..I so much hate dix country.

  2. What sort of nation is this? May the police officer that arrested this guy see the wrath of God only if he has never received bribe in his life and may God deal with the senator according to the works of his hand. Heartless bastards. And u steal frm the nations purse, may God in heaven bring down his wrath on u all.

  3. This poor man is looking for way of survival since this senator are stilling puplic fund i have never had that they have sentence any of them to jail. Since there are some national assemply members that involve in fuel subsidy scam i hope they will be sentece to jail any moment from now to monday, if not GOD will desend his wrag uppon the top govt official of this country (the corrupt once).

  4. D 9ja police n d judiciary ar vry efective when it komz 2d prosecution of comon man lyk me n u, also vry slugish n stagnant whn prosecutin d wrongd elitez. It wil b beta 4 uz 2b recolonizd by westn world than 2b kolonizd by blak indeginous monkies, who are alwyz afta banana n also turn our modaland 2 banana republic. D national cake is alwyz beyon our reach wch causd d peple 2 walow in destitution. Allah kai mana magani.

  5. A|| d Senator’s are criminals d are stealin public fund i so h8 ds Country poor man is dyin bt dey are sendin der childrens to UK GOD wl judge u pples.

  6. Too bad… This is a typical example of Wickedness!! The man even accepted the fact that he wanted to steal the money…this world is so cruel and unfair I wonder what the senator has gained by allowing that man’s family suffer cox they’ll be no one to take care of the family…

  7. hmmmmmmn,waat a lawness,useless country,instead of dis stupid senator to ask fr d reason y he acted lik dat,if d senator is stupid,r d police ought to stupid,stupid set of pple,n even d judge,to all f u dat av determined dat we(massis) we not enjoi dis ,country my d Lord pour out His wrath on,u kno judge d case so dat fast ,bt if it was one dis useless politicians(olori buruku)u wil surely diverse d case,bt i kno God sees evrytin,USELESS SET OF GOVERNMENT

  8. may God punish the senator,he is a very wicked and heartless human being,atleast he could have use this chance to help the man rather than sending him to jail.this shows that the rich used there wealth and power to oppress the poor and God will punish them all

  9. One time Inspector General of police stole millions of Naira he was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment, this man picked a senator’s pocket he was jailed 6 months without option of fine. God is watching.

  10. Hmmmmmmmmm……d so called senator no do wel at all,since he caught d man and d man ws harmless,d sen wud hv ask him wot is his pro, 4rm dere he wil no wot lead d man 2 such an act.Bt a thief stole 4rm a thief no b case naw,honestly,i don’t lik as judgements ar passed in dis naija.

  11. the maximum money ‘picable’ from that pocket is 100k, and the powerful hand of d law of naija caught him, he should have gone for 100m or 100b, efcc would av been loking for him and begging him to appea in court, the case would have dragged from 2012 to2017, and by 2018 he would av sue for plea barganing and go home free! That is made in Nigeria Law.


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