More Politics in Nigeria than Governance – Jonathan

In a bid to plead with sycophants to leave him alone, President Goodluck Jonathan has declared that he is presently preoccupied with serious governance and warned politicians not to distract him with politics of 2015, reminding them that the next general elections in year 2015 are still three years away.

Represented by his Senior Special Adviser on Research, Documentation and Strategy, Mr. Oronto Douglas, the president had been speaking in Lagos, at the media presentation of a book entitled Sure and Steady Transformation.

He said his main focus was to keep his promises to Nigerians which are already being witnessed across the country with the improvement in the power sector. The 155-page book documents the numerous achievements of President Jonathan’s administration in first one year in office.

This warning, the president said, has become necessary given the preponderance of reports and comments on the 2015 election in national newspapers and other media channels. He said: “There seems to be too much politics in Nigeria than governance. In other democracies, politics stops at the end of an election, and governance starts. But in Nigeria, it is the opposite… Politics will not put food on the table of the people. It is governance that will. Let us focus on governance.”


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