NEMA Releases Aerial View Shots That Show The Extent Of Flooding Around River Niger At Lokoja

These images are part of aerial view photos released by the National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, to show the extent of damage and severity of the flooding in the Kogi state capital Lokoja, occasioned by the overflowing of River Niger, which has virtually cut off the Northern part of the country from the South.

A lot of small villages in Lokoja and Kogi might soon be wiped out if nothing urgent is done. The flood has sacked many homes leaving thousands homeless and exposed to untold dangers while many have been left dead and movement from one place to the other practically impossible.

The flooding started about two weeks ago after Cameroon released water from the Lagdo Dam. The minister of works has said that the level of water seen in the past two weeks has never been experienced in the last 100 years.

Meanwhile, the federal government has mandated three major construction companies to free the submerged Lokoja-Abuja highway as it has been over taken by flood even as NEMA is currently camping thousands of displaced flood victims.



  1. So far I have not seen any picture online depicting the plight of the Ibaji community which is completely submerged and on the verge of extinction.
    If NEMA can get aerial picture of Lokoja and its environment, how much farther is Ibaji?

  2. Let’s not forget that Jonathan’s administration it was that cancelled the contract awarded by the Yaradua administration for the dredging of the river niger and benue followed by the construction of a supplementary dam to take care of a situation like this. According to insiders the cameroonian authorities had had a meeting long before now with all countries that are in the path of this river to tell them to dredge and construct an additional dam subsequently yaradua came into office and awarded the contract but soon as badluck jona came he revoked the contract because his south south advisers told him if the contract goes on it will further enhane the productivity of the north and middle belt, the rest they say is history. So many people have suffered and died since this man assumed office I don’t know wat kind of spirit he has but the sufferings and souls of all the dead will hunt him and all those involved in mismanagement and carelessness that has resulted in all these mayhem. As it is now people from the east have been stranded with their goods for weeks now and prices are begining to go up! Communites are suffering people are cursing him and his cohorts! The cry of the people is the voice of GOD! Beware sir!

  3. @ onoja you are a bloody liar,the dredgging was carried out all the way from lokoja to onitsha which enabled onitsha new port to be opened,nigerians are fucking morons they just start talking about things they dont know,pls next time try get your fact before you talk,the fact is that lokoja and environs are on a low belt and considering the volume of water stored up due to heavy rain this year the camerounian authorities had to open the dam

  4. Arise o’ compatriots!! Nigeria’s call obey! To serve our father’s land with love and strenght and faith!….Nigerians wake up we must not allow PDP and jonathan to rule us again!!! Since this administration came in we have faced death either by boko haram or one natural disaster or the other! Let’s stop sleeping and start praying!! Something is definitely evil about this man called jonathan and his cohorts! Sometimes I feel he even killed yar adua! How can he even travel to america in a time like this?? How can he allow cameroun to release water from dam without informing us? Have we forgotten dana so soon?? Have we forgotten over 500,000 killed in jos? O ye people of short memories wake up and see that the devil knows you are all superstitious and so has deceived you all by using the name “goodluck”, but ask yourselves what luck has been good so far?? Wake up from your slumber or you will all perish! A devil sits atop! Wake up people stop sleeping and start praying harder!!

  5. @sly idoko it is your mother that is a fucking moron and a bitch for bringing a daft like you into the world! Which dredging has been carried out and when! My friend you are drunkard like your father


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