New Theme For American Rappers; If Rap Doesn’t Pay, Try P*rn

The new theme for American rappers now seem to be ‘if rap doesn’t pay, try p*rn’, as the number of American rap acts going into p*rn continues increasing. Mystikal says he’s about to take on a p*rn career if this rap thing doesn’t work out.

According to TMZ, the American rapper is going to give music one last shot before turning to adult films. It isn’t going to be a strange turf to him if he finally does as he served six years in prison after allegedly having his hair stylist perform s*x acts on him. He even says proudly he has experience, and won an AVN award in 2003 for an adult film he made.

The number of American rappers going into p*rn is increasing at an alarming rate. Parents need to watch the rap acts their kids make idols for the greater good.


  1. Is not surprising that things are happening in this way.
    It is the sign of End of Times. One only need to get ready not be caught unawares.

  2. Parents of today and parents-to-be need to beware. To all and sundry, the world is evidently coming to an end very soon. Let’s make adequate preparation for the final destination of our souls thru Christ before it’ll be too late.


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