Nicki Minaj Shower’s $70,000 Birthday Gift On Lil Wayne

Sources close to Nicki tell says, the American Idols judge got Lil Wayne a Campagna T-Rex 14R, a two-seater motorcycle-car hybrid that’s ultra-lightweight at 1,040 pounds, and a FAST attitude, reaching speeds of 150mph, as his 30th birthday gift.

The motorcycle car sells at roughly $50,000 on retail, Nicki Minaj reportedly tricked hers out as a special gift of appreciation for all Weezy has done for her career, dropping a total of $70,000 on the gift.

Her tweet about the gift before we had a hint of what it was kept everyone wondering. Nicki just tweeted, “I hope Wayne likes his gift.” Man! Who wouldn’t like a T-Rex?

You deserve it, Weezy.