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The National Universities Commission (NUC), the body charged with the responsibility of monitoring the activities of universities in the country, has banned the conduct of re-sit examinations in Nigerian universities.

The NUC, in a statement by its Chief Information Officer, Mrs Bukola Olatunji, in Abuja, on Wednesday, frowned on the discovery that some universities conduct supplementary examination for their students, in addition to regular semester examinations.

The commission therefore warned that the conduct of such examinations was in violation of extant rules and regulations, and urged all universities involved to stop the practice henceforth or face sanction.

In her words, “The attention of the NUC has been drawn to the fact that some universities conduct supplementary examination for their students, in addition to regular semester examinations… This contradicts the Course Credit System in operation in the Nigerian university system, which has no provision for re-sit or supplementary examinations.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the Course Credit System provides that courses should be taken on semester basis and a course failed in one semester should be carried over to the following year and to be re-taken at the next available opportunity.”

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  1. I never knew of supplementary exam throughout my studies in UI. May be other schools do so. Little wonder UI is the best university in Nigeria.

  2. Nothing is bad in resitting for courses failed during normal semester. It even give more focus/concentration where u are lagging behind.
    Our educational standard is becoming poor and poor everyday due to our ” I too know ” standard. To be candid, if I have my school, there are some repetiting subjects I wld avoid especially in Secondary schools then cover it with skill oriented courses.
    Educational Policies need to be reformed and be judiciously and financially implemented.
    I wonder why in university, Gse courses kip on appearing especially in Computer science without room for practical even Agric. We add up more courses borrowing from diff depts, at the long run, labour mkt doesnt nid such bullshit than there own training. Have u not heard where a person bagged with Nce (pes/ yoruba) is working in bank? It happens.
    As our economy is going, either it should made it mandatory for applicants seeking for admission to pass through some vocational skill with the certificate tender along with other results. Or as soon as been admitted, integrate them into various skills of their choice, ranging from poultry, snailry, flowery, farming, clothing and textile, mechanical engineering, computer engineering, blocks making, making of satchet waters, baking of breads for commercial purpose and others that involve 90% practical and a day should be set aside for such training without interfering. This will make our education more interesting and strengthened our economy cos there will more job creators.
    To be candid, be a graduate in education, taught in so many schools ranging from my first Teaching Practice in 2001 till last term, our educational system is boring and leading to increase in rate of failure among students.

  3. All of u dat supports nuc are illitrates. Go 2 schl. So if you had an F in a course nd ur schl gives u anoda chance 2 get a C or B, its a crime. Rubbish, Nuc wnts pple 2 graduate wt low grades. I love UNIBEN.

    Rubbish. Re sit helps pple 2 graduate wt beta grades. Re sit doesnt mean repeating a semester or session. U can be in 400l and resit a 200l course. So forget. NUC no gt beta brain. Wats dia reason nw.

  4. Well, it may be alright to organize re-sit exams if the standard is going to be same as the previous one written. Then thinking out loud, will this involve medical and dental students too considering their exams comes in parts

  5. …is dis d high level of decay & rot in Nigerian universities NUC shld b tackling? No gud functional library in d universities dt hs bcom breedingground 4 political thugs & robbers, d lecturers r busy exploiting students wit poorly researched handouts, been sold at exorbitant ants, dey will nt check all dt, its resiting of exams dt dey will look at. There r over 300 students studying in a class meant for 45 students & dey r nt bordered, wit students hanging on d Windows 2 study & dis doesn’t prick dre minds.
    They shld better gt look 4 sumtin better & do…

  6. Exam should be Exam! When Exam is suplimented, it becomes another thing else. One should be concerned on how to know the course and not on arrenged high grades. This will bring about sanity and more seriousness in our institutions. Yes to carry overs, if it comes, but no to suplimentry and arrenged Exams.

  7. Resit exams is often a means of giving arranged grades to some sets of students. However, I recommend that students who are evidently sick during the examinations should be allowed a resit but those that fail should be made to sit the following session. That is how is is done in sane societies

  8. stop saying this rubbish we know where you are heading to. if stop them frpm conducting resit then you should introduce summer semester which is part of d course credit system yu are claiming to be practicing.

  9. NUC are not sanitising nigerian schools,there many ways they can use to standardize they level of educational system in nigeria..resit or no resit,what will happen to a student will surely happen!! The labour is so worst now that I know a guy who graduated with a first class in mechanical engineering who still teaches in a private secondary school till date..what are we now talking about..everything is connection in this country,I know God will help us.UP NIGERIA!!

  10. This is the best idea in order to promote good, qualitative and best graduate, not to be having graduate that will only be holding certificate but. Cannot depend it,, this is better idea to promote nigeria to a better educational system,,,, its better to have 10 best graduate than to have 100 fake graduates

  11. Lets tink abt ds very well oooo, so 4 a student dt v certified all courses except 1 of d final yr 2nd semester courses will v 2 com back bcos of dt. I dnt tink dt will b reasonable. They r better isssues 2 worry abt.

  12. Most private universities students has used this to come out with good results boosting that they are very intelligent. While thos at public universities just get to write their exams once without re-sit.

  13. Good move by NUC, however, they should take a step further by sanctioning the universities involved in this fraudulent act by publishing their names in the newspapers. Apart from the fact that this act could affect the quality of graduates produced, it also put pressure on the finances of the parents, as they are made to pay for each of the re-sit courses.

  14. Its very sad d miserable state in which our Educational system is in 2day. Please which body is monitoring te activities of polytechnics? Abeg, who dey watch over MAPOLY? This Mapoly in question operates a very poor standard of education. Its a place Where Results of exams written are published after 6months(in d end of another semester),there u find low quality lecturers who specialize in forcing stdents 2 buy their “copied” books. There lecturers sleep wit female students in exchange 4 grades. Worst of all, they have no standards for admission yet the tuition fee is high. If u dnt believe me, go and find out urslf! Now tell me hw such place wont be infested wit all manner of students? Mostly rogues,touts,prostitutes and loose cannons!
    Please its time we start doing away wit all these local way of education. NUC pls wade into dis issue. Tanx

  15. Instead of u people to face corruption in Nigeria and find solution to boko haram u re stoping re-sit exam in d universities my question is how does dat affect d progress of our noble country go and think of beta things to do our youth re suffering we re producing many graduate every year bt no work tink of how to tackle dat and let peace reign in Nigeria.

  16. This is absolutely nonsense,pple dat have graduated for the past 6 years in my school have not gone for service, and almost all[if not all ]the recent graduates are coming back, and recently you people came τ̅☺ our school, τ̅☺ collect bribe and refused τ̅☺ do nothing. We [ madonna uni students] are lamenting bitterly rite nw that you still have job τ̅☺ do in that school instead of cancelling summer program. Please you people should come τ̅☺ our rescue, and approve summer programme so that 2004 will go for service.

  17. If this action will make Nigerian universities to stop producing half beaked graduates then it’s a step in the right direction. But let me remind you that examination is not the surest test of knowledge because most student cram for exams rather than study to understand. However permit me to draw your attention to RSUST, this institution is presently conducting examinations for her student and I understood that no lecturer completed their scheme of work for the semester and that they have not even received a lecture for some courses because they were on strike, but the strike was called off because they wanted them to write their exams. From my findings I was made to understand that this is not the first time for something like this to happen. Now tell me, if not that the most educated in this country is the most foolish why would NUC not perform it duties effectively and prevent this student from having countless numbers of carry-over. Finally why will a lecturer be allowed to lecture in 3-4 universities and as a result cannot spend quality time to patiently lecture the students for better understanding. NUC am sorry to say this but you are unless to the Nigerian universities and that is why the standard of education in Nigeria is what it is today.

  18. Dis a gud move but can NUC pls stop d fraudulent act of private Unis and also is NUC in support of “D”(pass) being Carry over in private Uni? Esp babcock university? If YES they should re consider the terms then.

  19. all of those in support of the NUC decision are ingnorants of what SUMMER SCHOOL means, and if there is anyone who wants detailed information about what it means to run SUMMER SCHOOL or re sit according to Nigerians….am available.

  20. I think NUC is just trying to reduce the numbers of graduate because they knew jobs are no where to be found since they know d product of nigeria university


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