Okada Rider And Passenger Punished For Indecent Dressing in Osun State

In a bid to curtail crime and indecency in Osun State, the state of the virtuous(ipinle omoluabi); the state government constituted a military task force known as SAS(Swift Action Squad) to enforce the ‘omoluabi’ principles in the state. It happened in Osogbo, the Osun State capital few weeks ago, but I didn’t believe until I heard an eye witness report few days ago.

A lady was caught dressed indecently by SAS. According to the eye witness, her blouse covered just half of her breast. She was asked to dismount the motorcycle she was riding on, and the Okada rider was asked why he allowed such nudity on his motorcycle. They were both punished by the Swift Action Squad(SAS).

No one would say much about a punishment meted out to someone dressed provocatively in a society that doesn’t accommodate such dressing, but questions need to be asked when the okada rider is forced to suck his passenger’s breasts.

According to the eye witness, the lady was ordered to bring out her breast to the full glare of passersby since she was proudly flaunting it. As if that was not enough, she was ordered to breastfeed the okada rider. The okada rider pleaded with them stating his ongoing fast as the reason why he wouldn’t do what they wanted, but he had to oblige after he was whipped severally.

The state government has distanced itself from the actions of the task force and has encouraged citizens of the state to report any member of the task force that whip civilians. Whether actions would be taken against members of the task force that forced the breastfeeding remains to be seen. However, many inhabitants of Osogbo, the Osun State capital seem to be appreciative of the SAS’ s act as they believe it will curb indecent dressing.


  1. This type of action is very abusive. No matter the measures taken taken to curtail indecent dressing in that state, ot must not be in the form of disgracing womanhood. I, personaly, don’t support it at all. It is very babaric in nature!

  2. But why wil d girl dress helf naked.it better 4 her not 2 wear any top than 2 expose her breast helf way.so let believe she is mad.4 d sas i didnot support that norsense frm them they are also mad too.they wanted 2 see d nakedness of d girl.d sas are also supporting corruption

  3. But why wil d girl dress helf naked.it better 4 her not 2 wear any top than 2 expose her breast helf way.so let believe she is mad.4 d sas i didnot support that norsense frm them they are also mad too.they wanted 2 see d nakedness of d girl.

  4. asking d lady to bring out breast was a way of encouraging indecency in d 1st place. Asking d okada man to suck d breast was more grevious still but could be a very good way of sending out d msg dt indicent dressing is no longer welcomed in d state. D task fdorce should only try and reuced wipping people with thier kobo kobo.

  5. Ribbish!!! Height of povertyand illiteracy! If everybody knows their constitutional rights, no foolish SAS would whip nobody for anytn. i bet the govt tries it in a more civilised place, they r done for. Though indecent dressing isn’t good, punishing people to that extent is uncalled for. The state government blivs they earn all rights…d citizens got rights too. These actions r against human rights…#angry

  6. SAS or whatever they call themselves re uncivilised, barbaric, idiotic, foolish, stupid. The state is itself is not existing in this millenium. Foolish ppl! Mtchwwwwwwww!

  7. Dos of u supporting d vry evil action of dos pervert demons call sas re hypocritical nd vry foolish,in an sane nation whr d rule of law nd rights of citizens re respected can such a babaric act happen?if d ladies want let dem dress naked no body has any right to tel dem hw to dress,its purely deir moral prerogative, nonsense!it is on top of innocnt,unarmed civilians dat dey nd deir evil govt hav power

  8. If it were a man exposing himseld, wld they ask a girl sexually harraSs her? Two wrongs don’t make a right the punishment was more indecent than the crime. Those people are pervents and what they did was barbaric

  9. U pipu ‘re talking about human right dat is what create problem today is it her right to dress half naked?if she can du so let her breast be suck publicly she desire it dat is she expose it it wil be a message to others out dere & fear wil grip dem. I dont suprise dere govnor is donate free cd in d name of festival shioooo kelebe

  10. Wat d SAS did is very wrong but also a preventive measure and detterent, all dos dat are talking abt rights, know dat dos rights enshrine in d constitution dat promotes immoraty are d main cause of our societal problems today one of which is d right to dress. d way d girl dress advocates immorality and encourage it, not only showing her parts to d world, its disasterrous to d women theirselves, bcos its d main cause of d pressnt excessive cases of rapes and other sexual harrasments against women…wen we hav bad men in d society who knows nothing but offences and intoxicating diaselvs who also hav desire and an urge for sex, wat do u think will happen to any girl dat passes before dem half necked wen dey hav already lost dia minds to alcohol or drugs? d way most of our christian girls dress dis days is as gud as movin around necked and its not only immoral but animalistic bcos only animals move around without cloths…and d most annoying is wen dey dress lyk dat and come to churches and our pastors are keepin mute abt it…so, my brothers and sisters, lets keep dos stupid rights aside and do wat will b good for our children, we knw very well dat our children now are better dan dat of d so call civilised ppl u want to immitate in terms of moral and good behaviour…wat dey think is civilised to dem may not necessitily be civilised to us…its all abt ur own way of life not others…

  11. Is good 4 her, bcus dis mordernisation ve spoiled most women in dis country, even de married ones. Dt is wy Rape is very high nowadays. Wen u try 2 corect dem, dey wil cal u “mumu” , old school or “mgbeke”. Mostly if u enter churches 2day, i no fit talk again. abeg tell de girl if dat okada no suck am well, pls do not hestitate 2call me on, 08138220778, i cn equally help u 4 Man U (under)

  12. This is an international crime against a woman. if a man can be forced to suck a womans breast in public then maybe someday this idiots will ask another to rape a woman bcos of indecent dressing…..
    Where are so called women rights groups looking for cheap.popularity ftom government by holding street or road rally, this is a important issue they shouldnt take likely……the state government cannot just distance himself from his arrogant children he unleashed on the street…someone must answer to this……..

  13. The best punishment,decency dey say starts from home since u are still a kid,bring out her breast is just the best buh I dnt support the fact that the okada man has to suck ooo.

  14. SAS that was a bad act too! Corruption is more devilish than this act which is every where! Girls dressing this days somehow portray negative message,and ladies this a big lesson for you guys. Abeg any1 with good luck jonathan phone number should give me,I need job,am an oil and gas Engr,currently unemployed. please if Una need 3D HMI photography coverage for any kinds of events including wedding,birthday and modelling,please call us T9 digit
    al photography-location Ibadan Oyo state Nigeria.Good people great nation-08061347079

  15. The behavior of the military personnel I do not support but it is going to be deterrent to others.Both religion abhor such immoral and indecent dressing.And to hell with human right.

  16. This barbaric act by the state apparatus SAS is repulsive and totally unconstitutional. The girl has a constitutional right to freedom from degrading treatment and humiliation. It breaches the fundamental tenets of human rights as enshrined in our constitution and international norms, practices and conventions to which Nigeria is a signatory. If it is a criminal offence to dress indecently in Osun state, the girl should be tried in a proper court. She should be given fair hearing and given time and facility to defend herself. Afterall she is presumed innocent until proven guilty. The constitution of a kangaroo court in which members of the SAS are the accusers, prosecutors, judge and executioner is primitive and a breach of the constitutional rights of the poor girl and the bike rider. This matter must go to court!

  17. Very good. Because if they DIDN’T do like that corruption will be high everyday. And if corruption is high everyday, it is likely for God to angry with this country. So what they are doing is very good.

  18. The Governor himself is a vry useless man, so i wonder why he wil nt doing useles habit, and the SAS were worth of detention coz wot they did is evn bad than dat girl…. Useless state indeed

  19. Wen som1 called Nigeria a Zoo,we were angry,how else would we describe​ such act by wateva body of security officers paid with Tax payers money, this is stupidity of the highest order, Believe u me,these same operatives would rape someday Rape a person n cover up their act with d xcuse of indecent dressing, Besides it’s the fundamental right of a person to dress the way they like,These same SARS are the ones the illegitimately frame a person up 4 a case he or she didn’t commit,jst 2 xtort money 4rm the person…. this country is simply getting worst


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