[Opinion] Let No One Call Me A Fighter

These days everyone beat their chest of good intent or being government critics. If you’re not into motivational speaking, you are running a blog pitting faults at the government.


Where the well-known pastors don’t get themselves into politics or complaining, they eat on their astute popularity and attendees’ gullibility. One is trying to “make it” so seeks ways to be noticed, the other is known and isn’t bothered with current politricks, so focus on flaming their popularity with programs and crusades.


I’d be honest, “I cannot trust myself in this current government with its politics, and ongoing politricks, the truth is I will compromise my stance. What do I say about the people I call corrupt if I am given/awarded/contracted/settled (in whatever name) N500 million by them? Don’t be fooled these money exist and change hands in the corridors of power presently.


I’d say what is unbecoming and act unalarmed, like Doyin Okupe I’d say, “Jonathan has done well in power, road, electoral reform sectors”. You’d hear me add to Abati, Jonathan’s intentions are right and we should give him time to allow the works in place mature. Bloggers and critics are naggers and attention seekers, carrying a cause in public their standards they’d betray once given attention in privy.


This is the truth, no one is well intentioned for the case of Nigeria if they are not willing or ready to shed blood, die or find themselves in prison. Every change in government history has been preceeded by hardship, sacrifices, people imprisoned and lives lost. Martin Luther King- America, Mahatma Gandhi- India; Mohamed Bouazizi- Tunisia; Nelson Mandela- South Africa.


Those who propel noise “fighting for good governance” are warriors from afar not fighters to the end.