Photos: Our Lack Of Maintenance Culture, Is It A Curse Or As A Result Of Poor Management Skills?

Our lack of a maintenance culture is legendary and second to none. Quite a number of monuments and edifices are scattered across the country either lying in ruins or in a state of disrepair. At their commissioning, all stops are pulled to ensure it is well publicized and all manner of assurances are given that they won’t go the way of others- waste.

Suffice to say, most of these structures begin to undergo rapid deterioration right before our very eyes even before the cameras have stopped rolling and the paint dried on them. Are we cursed not to know how to properly maintain and utilize edifices that cost ballooned figures to build? Or don’t we care enough to realize that we are the butt of jokes when it comes to countries that don’t have a maintenance culture?

The National Stadium, National Theatre, Murtala Muhammed International Airport, all in Lagos, are an unsavoury testament to our “I don’t care” attitude to maintaining what should ordinarily be national symbols and sources of national pride.

The National Stadium Abuja is a sad example. This is a picture of the Abuja Stadium in 2003 when the facility was commissioned by then president Obasanjo to the admiration of Nigerians and the international community even though the actual cost of its construction is still subject to debate.

Compare With The Image Below

Here is a picture of the same Abuja Stadium, barely nine years after. What went wrong?

National Stadium Abuja: Now Looks Like A Farm Land Left Fallow


  1. I cant believe dis,its a total mess,nigerians kwn hw u built big stratures bt lack maintiance culture.If it was own by an individual it would be well managed bt nw it d government(ower own property) we tag it i dont care.Nigerian plz nd plz we should hv change of heart,lets tak care of government properties it our own.