Parliament Passes Law to Scrap Senate Due to High Cost of Running Government in Senegal: Can They Try That in Nigeria?

Senegalese Parliament

What this simply means in the Nigerian scenario is that the House of Representatives should approve a bill which recommends that the Senate be scrapped. For those who are very familiar with the details of the legislative process, this will of course still have to be approved by both the Senate and the Executive before it can become a law!

Back to Senegal. In this case, the bill had actually originated from the Presidency. President Macky Sall of Senegal had last month announced emergency legislation to scrap the Senate in order to turn over its annual budget of almost eight billion CFA francs (12 million euros, $16 million) to dealing with the impact of deadly floods.

Also to be affected is the office of the vice president which, although created since June 2009, has never been filled and has an annual budget of more than two billion CFA francs (three million euros) allocated to it.

The legislation, approved by the lower house on Wednesday, will still go before the 100-member Senate itself, before it is passed by Congress, which unites both houses, and then signed into law by President Sall.


  1. The answer is not yes or no,but requires critical analysis on the basis of culture,ethnicity, religions,population,languages and many other factors needed to be considered. In other words, senegal and nigeria donot share the same terretorial features,therefore, it may not be possible to unilaterally apply what is applicable in senegal to Nigeria.


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