Photo: Cossy Orjiakor Now A Home Breaker

The Nollywood actress and singer put up this tweet and shared this photo recently.

What do you think?


  1. Boring she’s just looking ƒσя attention bcus she knows her life as an actress is over & ​₪O one cn take that serious…. If I wanted to see something exposed I will just step outside my street we got em’ plenty… other news…..

  2. She might not be an actor anymore but she’s certainly got the boobs and body that don’t easily come by in a while. Damn! She wants attention, please give it to her. I love her.

  3. I think is high tym d bf & famil members of Cossy 2 advice her dat is bringin shame dem & famil,as dey sy a man mad dnt bother abt d shame rather is famil dat bear;cossy u re a disgrace 2 women folks & u ned a psyhco checkup


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