Photo: Irresponsible Parents Doing “It” While Child Watches In The Car

Whether doctored or not, the truth still stands that these two really have issues that should naturally drag them to a psychiatric hospital, and the child never to be left with them. Imagine such a couple engaging in such act, and allowing the baby to watch. What do they really intend to paint in the child’s memory?



  1. That is wat rights are all about..immoral way of life is d simplest definition of rights enshrine in d constitution of d western countries…is dat wat we want in our societies? Nay..den why do we hav to follow dia way of life in d name of civilisation…we reject all immoralities brought abt by dis uselss people in the name of civilisation, as such we refuse to be civilise if dats wat is call civilisation…

  2. I believe dis couples really needs D̶̲̥̅̊ hand of God i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ their lives, imagine D̶̲̥̅̊ kind of training they are giving to their child.dat child shld be taken away from them until they realize wat its mean to be parents and a gud one for dat matter

  3. If d child is a boy nd has a sista he wil do dsame to her even in their present bcuz he wil see nottin wit it… Nd vice vicer if she is a gal…

  4. I don’t blame them, they might be a member of one of those Satanic church whose cote goes thus “you can do whatever you like inasmuch you are not hurting yourself” and who also cote “the world taken by the strong shall be given pleasure and the weak shall bears the yoke”. My people do not be surprise this is just one of the signs of the end time, i bet you all that very soon human being will be having sex in the public just like dogs. No prayer or advice can stop all these things cos evil has dominated the world and that’s how it’ll be until the day of Judgement when the son of man will come and select his choosen ones; all you need do as a person is to move closer to God so that you’ll be part of His paradise anytime death come…Goodday!

  5. It’s one of the signs of end time, prophet Muhammad(PBUH) Said “one of the signs of the hour is that pple will have sex in public places” (Hadith). This is totally immoral, unGodly, let them repent nd appologise to humanity

  6. train ur child thee way that will not depart, don’t blame the youth for the parent is the course. there is no house for them, no hotel kidnapping is around the man’s head, God should ve mercy on them not civilization oooooooooh!!!

  7. This couple must be demented, that is why i always insist saying that must white ppl are infidels, they care about anything called religion. Bliv me or not, the child will do worst than this. May ALLAH 4giv the faithful ones. Amen!


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