Photo: MAVIN First Lady Tiwa Savage Pounding Yam

When celebrities step out of their homes, they assume a superstar personality and appear like people who cannot even lift a finger to feed themselves. But how wrong!

Many of these celebrities are as simple and down to earth as you can imagine especially when they are in the confines of their homes. Kele kele singer, Tiwa Savage recently tweeted a picture of herself handling a pestle and looked set to pound… Yam, of course or what else will she pounding? lol


  1. Infact na lie, i believe pounding should be done in the kitchen and not in a corner room,and the way she’s holding the pestle shows that she s only demo.

  2. Tiwa I luv ur simple lif style. Bt dis pounding tin na lie jor for inside room again. Na so money n firm dey turn una into. Vry soon u go wash plate for bedroom


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