Photo: Nigerian gay men protest their right and kissing each other

Not until the law that sends gay men to prison in Nigeria was released, the noise from homosexuals in Nigeria was termed to be non-existent. Right now so much is going on and the media is trusted to make it as public as possible.

This picture shows gay men really protesting as  they claim their discomfort with the policy  could not just be hushed anymore.

As an average Nigerian what do you say to this?



  1. This is absolute madness, and dat idiot is holdin “proudly christian, proudly nigerian” a good christian cannot be a guy u idiot, also a gud nigerian dat holds in high esteem d nigerian culture in any of d regions cannot be a guy unless he is an alian..dis is animalism, d bill should even b changed from 20years imprisonment to life imprisonment bcos d act of dis ppl may be d cause of d present predicaments d world is experiancing..USA brought all dis noncense of rights and now our ppl are copying dem….if we should alwez keep in mind wat dis europeans and americans did to our forefathers we will not even look at dem with a smilin face let alone trying to copy their animalistic way of life….may God help us and punish this ppl for semaring the name of our beloved country..

  2. Am not sure these Bastards are Nigerians but foolish Black American that have long lost their bearings and phschogeographical senses, the stupid fat fool amongst them claiming to be a Christain God will specially deal with that fat idiot Himself in Jesus Name.

    • ignorance is a disease,one can only make good jugment on what he knows not on what he does not know.a vegetarian should not condem people that eat meat becus he is a vegetarian.the issue of sex is something b/w 2 people,no 3rd party should interfare.the bible teaches that all sins are equal,therefore b4 u condem anyone search urself as all sins carry equal punishment b4 God. people should leave gays ALONE.

      • I wanted to reserve any comments till a Homo stepped up in defense. I’m not with all dem ‘Christians’ Crucifying and throwing stones, condemnations anyaway we are all sinners, niether do I support gay marriage. BUT WHY WOULD A MAN WANT TO FUCK ANOTHER MAN’S ANUS???? WHY!!!!!!tell me please. isnt it QUEER(odd).

        • the same reason why you want to fuck a woman’s pussy. Because you are attracted to them that is why. What Africans fail to realize that its not an act, its a sexual orientation common to humans regardless of race or religion. Once Africa becomes more educated about it, they wouldnt have so much hate for these people. Plus, and I say this as a christian, how can africans forget their pre-colonial history. Because we all know the europeans who brought christianity into the continent (and the arab traders islam) and that is why you guy are like “ewww its an abomination”.

        • dudu or wat do you call yourself,believe it or not that your pre marital or extra marital sex you comitted can only lead you to hell.think about your life and stop judging other people who may be better than you fool.

    • fool why not shamelesy admit your involvement in boko haram people like you who should be flushed out of nigeria so dat she can advance like USA and other great countries where human rights are respected.

  3. Ibrahimb you are very stupid. Is it Boko Haram that will stop gay? After all must muslims in the North do it so kill them first be4 looking for who to kill. I only thought you will say let God deliver them you are talking of Boko Haram. That why muslims when they call them terrorist ,I 100% agree wit them because it runs in their veins and you even said be it religion we I will only blame the founder for having been used seriously by the DEVIL.

  4. These guys need real help not death sentence. There brains have replaced with cotton wool and their spirits , souls and bodies have become housing estates of the devil and myriads of super demons. That Ibrahimb guy who mentioned Boko Haram as a tool to judge them is speaking the mind of many mentally retarded fellows like himself.

  5. Is it in prison, that there will be no gay?
    If u are a christian read matt 19:11 and remember no man knows the heart of God.
    Finally! Before you open your mouth, know that out of every 10 man u see, 2 is gay, then I will leave u all with a question- if u re a parent and u discover that ur child is gay, what will u do?

  6. How sweet it is to condemn people. Let he without sin cast the first stone.
    What u need to do is stop that secrete sin we indulge in. Stop that fornication, adultery, masturbation, ask God to forgive u then go preach the word to the world. Homosexuality is a prove that we the Christians have not preached to word enough for Christ to come. These homosexuals are ignorant of the fact that they are doomed for hell but God love them as much as he loves u, i think we shouldn’t condemn them. They just need a re-orientation and rehabilitation of their sexuality.

    • You are doing exactly the same thing that the people you are attacking are doing. You are condemning people saying they are doomed for hell. And there is NO way you can change a gay person anymore you can change a straight people.

  7. Whoever call someone likes him or her a fool,bastsrd or stupid because of what the person had said as also be the same since we are human being we are bound to misword because only God is perfect. When somone found of misusing such we don’t need to use such word but try to enlight them in their mistake. Qu’ran and bible don’t teaches us such and act. Let fear God. A word is enough for the wise

  8. The Bible says a lot of things in Leviticus but I bet that all of you writing that all gays should be killed or will perish in hell, do not fully follow the whole book of Leviticus. Jesus tells us not to judge one another so that we would not be judged. If you are a Christian, you would know that they are only two commandments. Love God with your whole heart, your mind and your soul and love your neighbour as yourself.

  9. if u are truly a christian as u people have said and u read your Bible very well u will be ashamed to call yourselves Christians. because God himself gave us rule for sexual relations. in the book of Leviticus chapter 18:1-30. but to be precise about u people verse 22 of the chapter 18 says MEN, YOU MUST NOT HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH ANOTHER MAN AS WITH A WOMAN. THAT IS A TERRIBLE SIN.

  10. LOL @Immaculate. Are you for real? Obama brought homosexuality into the world? And he’s satanic and gay? Have these gay men done anything to personally hurt you? Are they the only sinners? are they worse than corrupt politicians who defraud our nation? worse than pastors who get young girls pregnant? worse than armed robbers who shoot and kill? worse than Ibori? Worse than OBJ who allegedly slept with his daughter-in-law? worse than all the sanctimonous bashers here calling for their heads on a platter?

  11. Each to their own. Why is people’s sexual orientation other people’s problem??? Who gives anyone the right to judge? The holiness people dispay here is remarkable …. I wonder why such holiness has not been applied in creating a fairer and morre enabling. Nigeria!

  12. Nigeria constitution is man made. If favours some group of individuals. Lets follow God costitution that is free of flaws. Nigeria laws and contracts are only written on paper but never implemented and executed. Lets call a spade a spade. This is one of the consequences of bad govt and corrupt nation like Nigeria. Unless we repent and turn back to God and invest in Nigeria people as said by US scholars that Nigeria will colapse in the nearest future. May God help Nigeria who give me Knowledge and wisdom to make this comment.


  14. I believe all these bunch of fools have their bibles, if u pple have the bible tht I have which was inspired from God pls Read 1corinthians 3:16,17. It says in part,, Our bodies is the temple of God, that anyone who destroys his/her body which is God’s temple, that person will surely be destroyed. But there’s another interesting thing here. God also said tht he’ll expose them into a disgracing longing or appetite,,, so I see Gods word fufilling here, these things must surely take place for the end to come. And guess what? I am happy for that fact, cos it helps me keep my senses and be watchful!!!


  16. almost all those who commented harshly on this gay issue are either gays or have had something in the past…… as a nigerian citizin, we all have equal rights. if they choose to be gays its thier life and its not a crime, it only becomes a crime in nigerian when its practised openly…..

  17. All of you people make me laugh because you act like your perfect like Jesus was. The bible clearly spoke against judging and condemning and that is EXACTLY what you are doing. hypocrites if you ask me. Whether people like it or not, it exists in Africa and the world and always have. Do you think anybody would choose to “practise as you call it” this. It is not just some lifestyle, you have NO right to “throw the stone” at this people when idol worshipping and corruption is rampant in Africa. Polygamy too, you hypocrites (coming from an Bini Nigerian).

  18. ALL YOU FOOLS, talking and criticizing gays… Nigeria today is considered one of the worse countries in the World, so much hatred, Scam artist, Christians/Muslims killing each other like pigs and all you BASTARDS are judging and talking about Christianity like you know Jesus or God better.. Here in North America, its legal and that is why they are going forward, none of those demonic acts and killings exist here… So make ona shut up. We gays don;t even want to come back to that Killing ground called Nigeria, God help all of you. I am gay, proudly gay and God has blessed in every way. You so called Straight people or so…Is SCAM is Gods WAY?? BUNCH OF LOW LIFE SCUMBAGS TALKING LIKE THEY KNOW GOD.

    Leave gays alone and Settle the PROBLEMs IS NIGERIA first. You bastards!!!

  19. All the major religions condemns this BARBARIC act, same on those who engaged and those that admire them. I rather die than to engaged in a fellow sex thru the most dirtiest organ(anal). Gays & lesbians are those that I hate most in my life.

  20. To be honest, everybody is entitled to their own opinion. lets not forget that we are byproduct of our communities, families, friends, religions, schools, environments, governments, and peers that help shape us. let us put religion, emotion, and political affiliation aside and ask our selves, what is so sinister and evil about a man liking something different from what some people like as long as it does not encroach upon others happiness? Nigeria needs exposure and education. I remember when it used to be okay to kill twins in the name of traditional belief and culture until Christianity stepped in. our biases stems from where we came from and where we have been. come to think of it is this act of sodomy a product of nature or nurture? it has been scholarly debated for long but has always ended with both parties unsatisfied. lf you will allow me to candidly comment on this topic without being judged, I would say with where Nigeria is placed globally with disregard to her scam scandal, this topic should be outside the purview of politics. Morality should not be legislated in such legal terms, it a question of conscience and not right or wrong. Matters of good or bad, sinful or holy should be left to the individuals and their “God” We have too many things to worry about in Nigeria other than who people chose to sleep with.

  21. I think those who chose to be gay have the Right to do so, but what i don’t understand is why did they choose to impose their Satanic acts on Nigerians. You people can simply re-locate to somewhere like Alaska or Argentina and do your Satanic ‘tinz’ there. Some are even making claims of some stupid “Freedom & Rights”. Now you tell us, if you have the Right to choose the Sexual orientation that you like, who gave you the Right to infringe on our own Rights to resist you and your dear- Satan? Do you think, should the leadership of this country call for a referendum to ascetain Nigerians support for or against you people and your Satanic demands, do you think you’ll emerge victorious? Those of you mentioning America should understand that even the US themselves who are notorious for always using DEMOCRACY to impose their satanic policies on sovereign nations thousands of miles away from them knows that Democracy always speaks the language of the majority, and the majority of Nigerians are against you and your Satan! It is therefore just fair that you’ll suffer 14yrs in jail if you try to destabilize our country. You can enjoy(?) yourselves in the comfort of your satanic rooms with out anyone knowing about it or better still, you can move to California or Paris or just some other Satanic destination but certainly not Nigeria! Infact i’m not impressed the least the way the Lagosians handled you Idiots softly. Just try any such nonsense demonstration in the North and you’ll see what will happen- HEADS WILL ROLL! This is a promise! …Enjoy….

    • Stupid fool, you probably forgot Satan actually lives in Nigeria which is way all the violence(Christians and Muslims killing each other, Corruption, poverty, and so on…. So you ignorant bastards need to settle issues in Nigeria first before being so judgmental . Asshole!!

  22. T- Satan ‘exists in Nigeria’? Well you are entitled to your opinion!… Are you sure you know your Rights and can go to any extent to seek your Right? If so, then i challenge you and your ass fucking gangs to be brave enough to seek an open confrontation with us! Be brave enough to do that by simply staging any such satanic demonstration in the North, pls go ahead and do it. WE THE PEOPLE will not have to wait for the “14 years” rhetorics. We know how best to treat perverts like you!

    • Pervert, he he…. That was why i left that good for nothing country for a better place that has a brighter future and respect for human rights, especially to avoid sick arrogant, homophobic bastards like you and its such a shame that ignorant people like you are the ones bringing down Nigeria.
      So freak, don’t ask me about human rights because i wrote it. Well, no doubt for sure you have no idea what you are talking about so best you go burn in HELL!! You lowlife freak!!

      • You need to go back to school and learn how to read and write stupid freak. You hypocritical bastard, its people like you that call onto Jesus at night and turn to the devil during the day. Judgmental SCUMBAG!!

  23. I pretended i didn’t see the abuses. I am not an eunuch to engage you in war-of-words because you are not man enough which is why you have debased yourself so low that instead of screwing a woman, you are screwed by a fellow man. I guess you are a product of same-sex marriage that’s why you don’t use your head at all, but that black fleshy ‘nyansh’ to reason. Tell me you amoral soul(yes amoral, as distinct from immoral), what do you like about a fellow man’s nyansh?

    • Like the saying “Different strokes 4 different folks” Yes, i have been with women during my teens and obviously just too dramatic and also down sides. Yes, being with a man is incredibly overwhelming, the feel of a a nice hard handsome fellow and its very normal here in Canada or should I say North America. Gay men/women are just like straight men/women.
      So it is very normal and very natural to me, maybe not you or anyone who doesn’t know. Most people things being gay is a choice or inherited but no one chooses to be gay, we are born that way and if you want to read more research, you can check online.
      So yes, i love a guy with a nice bubble ass, just like a straight man loves a lady with a big ass.

  24. See what this idiot wrote abeg! Calling a man’s ”backyard” a ‘nice bubble ass’. You claim you are living in Canada? What a shame you are to Africa! those bunch of caucasoid thieves only come down to Africa to STEAL. There is virtually nothing those thieves don’t steal from us including human beings, first turning free-born into slaves and now, from Engineers to laborers and even shameless our footballers. But strange enough, you worthless souls only go and copy the dirtiest parts of their culture, claiming it’s civilization. Stupid fool, how can any sensible person think of these abnormal , unnatural crime against humanity as normal, natural?

    • Shame?? Stupid freak….. Like i said initially, u do need to know how to express yourself, probably go back to school. Typical Nigerian! Shame is when stupid hypocritical Nigerians like you starts killing each other in d name of religion, the greedy to steal from others, no human right etc… Fool! Did you just say, shame to Africa?? Is South African not an African country that legalized gay marriage. Nigeria is so backward and will forever be which is why i left that good for nothing country, especially to stay away from ugly low life, sick trash like you.
      Idiot talking of slaves, gosh… you are so outdated and i can just tell exactly where in Nigeria you are from, just reading your words alone, typical local, uneducated Nigerian who wants to fit among.
      Define shameless??? You obviously use words, you have non idea what they mean… Yes, love their culture and better still i rather do than becoming a fake ass son of bitch like you.

      If its burning you so much that gay men love asses then, you should probably go kill yourself as i can tell you have no idea what you r saying!

  25. If you believe that your Satanic sexual orientation is ‘burning’ us in anyway, then I’m afraid you are not in tune with reality. Nigerians are not insisting that you become straight or something. No! You people can do your demonic gay-acts in discrete, without anyone knowing about it. But if any Satanist thinks he can flagrantly flaunt it, then we’ll have to straighten him up our own way, and mind you, we are very capable to do just that- straighten him up!…. You claim Nigeria is not moving forward? You are indeed living in an obselete world of misinformation. When last did you check Nigera’s growth figures? Pls re-check and don’t forget to compare it with that of your almighty America. … You claim you left ‘good for nothing’ Nigeria? What then concerns you with the country you allegedly left?… By the way, In what way(s) have you helped from whereve you claimed you are residing in moving this country forward? By agitating for same-sex marriage right? By showering curses on Nigeria and it’s WE THE PEOPLE? By….how?

    • Like i said, you can be judgmental for all I care which doesn’t bother me and as for the “satanic or demonic part” which you refer to, try and think first before putting words together, especially with the way things are going in Nigera. Never a good news shown on TV about Nigeria and such a shame that its the people, especially ignorant people like you that keeps dragging that country down, am sure you are probably one of those Scam artist which has given Nigeria its number 1 name, followed by the other things and if you must know, a greater percentage of people doing well and living comfortable are gay people, also am very devoted to God and he has blessed me in my ways that in years to come, you Can’t even dream of….

      Other than just visiting my friends n family, i have no business in that depriving country. Straighten up?? HA HA,. You wish n keep dreaming. Fool…. Being gay is note a choice, go do your home work, its not like when those stupid Nigerians have to choose blow up christian churches or think of scamming innocent people their hard earn money.
      My only concern is just for the gay men n women living in Nigeria, who can’t choose to live their lives the way they want and also hopefully they can eventually open up and accept that gay people exist.

      First, i don’t need to help Nigeria much other than just try and give it back the good image the outside world use to think of it and let the Outside World know that not everyone in Nigeria is ignorant and stupid and as for gay marriage. I don’t care if they legalize it in Nigeria or Not, only just for them to accept that their r gay people living in that country just like anywhere else in the world and just accept them, rather than discrimination and their homophobic ways.

  26. newton- The name is Mudim, it’s Nigerian and so, when next you want to mention it, M-U-D-I-M with respect! You think the so-called Boko-haram is a Nigerian phenomenon? Perhaps you are too young to see CIA’s involvement in the insurgency. It might also be true that, the propagandist News outlets over there, are not interested in telling you all that you ought to know, but only that which they want you to know. Yes there is the Boko haram, but what about the foreigners caught planting explosives? By the way, How is America ‘advancing’? By it’s ever-increasing gun violence? By cutting public expenditure? By strangling it’s 99% for the 1%? By it’s lousy tax-rate for the Corporations? By increasing unemployment rate? By an increasing all-time high national debt? By being the world’s biggest manufacturer of Arms globally? By profiting from war and bloodshed? By it’s Racism, a term synonymous to America’s culture? By subservience to the Israeli Zionist Establishment? By how? …. T- pls count God out of that dirty pre-medieval lifestyle. God is not impressed the least, and if you think any gay is comfortable with the ass, You are wasting your time. Those people are living in bondage, in bondage to Satan himself. You know what, I don’t even believe you are truely a gay, which explains why you think they are comfortable with it. You are just claiming being one just for Public Relations

    • Don’t think am gay? Why don’t you bring your dick and after descending on it.. You’ll be the judge whether am gay or not.

      Have you almighty believers forgotten “Thou shall not judge” Its too bad you all clean to be no sinner or better but the reality of it is, i truly know what people like you do behind closed doors, they call onto Jesus today and in few hours they are doing something “unholy” So dude, don’t talk for God, Ok.
      Its funny, you comparing the States to Nigeria… You listed the issues being faced here but just so you know that regardless very few about what you said is true, Nigeria is still decades from getting any close and totally full of shit right now!

      I don’t even know why this “gay issue” is buggy you so much… I know so called “straight folks” like you back in Nigeria who claim to be straight and next they want their dick sucked by a guy.

  27. I can agree with you that these gays you are talking about are probably just a handful of YOUNGSTERS,and may be they were even cajoled by YOU to try it which they did out of curiosity. …..It’s strange that you are one of the very few who are yet to know that US and especially her ungodly kins, the Euro states are in a deep turmoil. Perhaps you live in Canadian Aboriginal localities where they are denied of living conditions befitting North America’s standards, including News, which is why you are not aware of these verifiable facts. ….Lest i forget- always remember this: my ”who send you” is strictly for Woman/women only; No man will ever have access to it- not even you!

  28. Making sense Segun, and to all u stupid illitrates who won’t leave them gays alone saying ‘jesus is coming soon” thunda fire una,,, sodom and gomora was in time of old testament u idiots, wen Jesus came he abolished those old laws , jesus said love your neigbours as urself, Jesus ate with prostitute ,criminals , dubious tax collectors even gays them selves, and here u are crucifing them!! Tell me now who is the bigger sinner here?———-(2215beeb)my pin. -girls onlyyyyyyy- :)

  29. Gay is from bottomless Pit. We shud Pity Them. When we sees all these Act taken place, we shud be more closer to God b/c it is the Sign of the Endtime, their end is Lake of Fire!!. This is their Result: Genesis 19:4-11, Leviticus 20:13, Romans 1:24, 27, Jude 1:7. R-e-p-e-n-t O ye Gay People.