Photo: Very Strange Creature Killed In Madonna University, Sparks End Time Talks

The creature in the photo below was allegedly caught and killed in Madonna university, Okada. This very bizarre picture and story was sent to the blogger Linda Ikeji earlier today and has sparked talks of the end time in numerous quarters.

Dear Linda, I don’t know if someone has already sent you this story. This beast was killed today at Madonna University, Elele. They killed a small one and the bigger one came for revenge. We hear more will be coming. Everybody is scared in the school.

What do you think about this? If you are in the area can you provide more information on this.


  1. Wallahi enemies of d Saints shall nt go scout free. Unrest shall continue 2 reign among dem in dia camp until dem troop out all 4 dia destruction IJN

  2. This is the sign of the end time if you do not know who your creator is who to serve and and where to be if it’s happens now you better locate JESUS and give your life to him now it’s it is free of charge

  3. What kingdom does this creature do we classify it in biology?..madonna scientist should get to work..ascertain if it has a verbrae..the dentile formula and eating habits..we have discoverd a new creature.hurray!

  4. Please let us be realistic, how do u think that i will believe such story. If it is true, how did they kill Beast? with what kind of weapon? how many people contribute to kill the beast? Or is it a strong man of God that kill the beast?

  5. Honestly speakin i’m short of word’s i jst pray dat God in his infinate mercy will help us n’t 2 b taken unaware in dis end-tym dat strange & unbeleivable tins are happening evry where nw

  6. Its not a strange creature joor, it looks like a goat that has been bathed in hot water (skinned goat), or better still an under developed goat or cow. You’ve heard of the co-joined twins, limbless babies and so on. So its only natural things like this happen,

  7. It’s sad that anything strange is labelled evil and then killed before experts could study and release info about it.worse still,individuals are invited to speculate what they think it was.A whole lot of questions would have been answered if things had been done rightly.Better still,people world over would have made Nigeria their number one tourist destination just to see the strange creature! We do not have to live outside this country to be

  8. This is a Hoax, this picture is that of a skinned Cow for the consumption of students. Such a shame that come sites wanna trend on falsehood. Please always confirm stories and photos before giving you webmasters stress of uploading pages.

  9. OMG, i doubt if this site has an editor, people keep complaining and you keep posting irrelivant lies, end time :p, and we Nigerians are too blindly religious that we would always accept every lie that comes religious. A site like this would only make lawyers richer when they charge them to the court of law for false posts. MTCHEW.

  10. God has even made life easier, cant we just google this stuff?? its carried by Nigerian sites ONLY like this site and the nairaland etc, i dont know why they dont have motto like “Lies we share” or “rumour we broadcast”, even the schools site didnt say a damn about it. MTCHEW, and some have started reighning courses on the country, who told you you are as religious as they are? we should face our FAITH and the end time would come when its due, no one knows how near it is. God Willing, we should get closer to God than sharing LIES like this.

  11. My people be wise. Who has visited or been to Madonna university before. The back ground building in this picture exist no where in the said campus not to talk of a skined animal photo deceit on display here. Ha! Naija we are too much with fabrications.

  12. That was definately photoshopped, it is an animal but with some changes to make it look like that, if you look @ d right hand you will see the color is different and it is shorter than the left and if the so called creature were to stand it would either hop or if it were 2 walk the head will be down n d back will be up n d nxt thing is d shadow if u luk s see a very dark shadow at the right of the head which if it were the right forelimb shadow would av been faint n d light is comin from d back so d shadow would av be cast farther than dat, i will nt say anymore if u want 2 believe its real u wait

  13. it’z scam guyz…i’ve checkd many sites nd y z it dat al of dem ar shwing dsame pix…mehn…i dnt blive diz…i need 2 c orda pix of d beast b4 i’ll blieve

  14. allegedly caught and killed in Madonna university, Okada.

    pls since when did madonna university move to Okada…
    enuf of these lies………

  15. I simply don’t just believe such creature exist. If its quite true such craeture was actually killed, the messiahs dat are invoved in †ђξ killing should at least tell us how they come across it and it was eventually killed. I find it so hard †̥ swallow such crap. Gbam !

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