PHOTO: World’s Tallest Dog ZEUS, 7-foot Tall And Weighs 70kg

Guinness World Records 2013 lists Michigan dog as world’s tallest Dog in the world. The Great Dane Zeus Standing on his hind legs,stretches to 7-foot (2.13-meter)-4-inch (101.-millimeter) and towers over his owner, Denise Doorlag. Zeus is just an inch taller than the previous record-holder, Giant George. Zeus weighs 155 pounds (70 kilograms) and eats around 12 cups of food a day. That’s equivalent to one 30-pound (13.6-kilogram) bag of food.

The three-year-old Great Dane’s owner Denise Doorlag told AFP: “The most common thing people ask is: ‘Is that a dog or a horse?’ We had to get a van to be able to transport him, oh, and if he steps on your foot he leaves bruises!”

Source: Daily Mail



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