Photos: Discoveries are Made as JTF Raids Boko Haram Communication Base

Shortly after claiming that they have killed the spokesperson of the dreaded Boko Haram sect, members of the JTF in Monday night in Kano raided the residence of suspected top media coordinator of radical Islamist group. The place, located at Rimi Kebe and Rijayar’zaki general area of Kano, proved to be a discovery indeed!

A statement was released by the spokesman of Joint Military Taskforce in Kano, Lt Ikediche Iweha on the operation. According to the statement titled “Update on Capture of Boko Haram Terrorists on 17th September 2012”,the JTF spokesman said “this latest encounter with the terrorist group has foiled its planned attack to wreck havoc on the good people of Kano state.”

The statement continues:

“Following further operation in the suspects heavily wired IED hideout, the following items were recovered: Two AK 47 rifles, Two Pump Action Rifles, One Berretta Rifle, One Smoke Discharger, 433 rounds of 7.62 Nato ammunition, 80 rounds of 7.62 special ammunition, 2 AK 47 magazines, 36 Prepared IEDs, 13 Laptops, Two motorcycles, Four Printers, One photocopier, One 33 slots Zenith Disc writer, One TG 3900Ez Generator set, Religious Books, large quantity of CD plates, Two decoders, Two Satellite dish, One 21” Television set, One DVD player, 2 Bags of Urea fertilizer, One Elite dry cell 12v battery, One blue gate UPS, One stabilizer, 10 Hand held Motorola radios and 5 Battery chargers.”



  1. This slamic set of people are stupid to the core the claim that boko is haram meaning westhern education is a bad thing and the still involve themselfs in using sophiscated tools and materials including electronic gadgets that are produced by the westhern people for their day to day activities. my question is this when will they stop making full of their selfs…..?

  2. May the good Lord strengthen and preserve the lives of our security personnel and may God forgive BH of this wicked act against man kind….in all BH Jesus loves you all.


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