Photos: Egyptian Born Bodybuilder, Moustafa Ismail, 24, Claims World’s Biggest Biceps Title

An Egyptian-born bodybuilder has just had his  31 inch biceps crowned the biggest in the world. Moustafa Ismail, 24, has spent ten years pumping iron twice a day and his upper arms now have the same circumference as a grown man’s waist.

‘Big Mo’ eats as much as 3lbs of chicken, 1lbs of steak or fish and four cups of almonds washed down with two gallons of water and three litres of protein shakes. The bodybuilder was so dedicated to bulking up his arms he moved his whole family to America to gain access to better workout equipment.

The muscle man said: ‘People always say you remind me of Popeye the sailor man. This makes me laugh as the truth is I don’t have any spinach in my diet – I can’t stand the stuff. Actually I think my arms are now bigger than the cartoon character.’Mr Ismail, who lives with his wife Carolina, started bodybuilding ten years ago in a bid to keep fit. Today, his dedication and perseverance has paid off especially after failing to earn a place in the Egyptian bodybuilding team which made him swap nationalities. He’s not only an American citizen now, his biceps have also been confirmed as a record and he will appear in the Guinness Book of World Records 2013, which is launched in London today.

See pictures below:

Popeye: The Cartoon Character to Whom Moustafa Ismail Has Been Compared

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