Photos: GEJ Commissions Ojukwu’s Statue and gateway in Onitsha

On Thursday August 30th, the President commissioned the Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu statue and Gateway in Onitsha. This is obviously to remember, and honor the life of this man that has fought so much for so many things in the country.  It is really a life worthy of celebration even years to come.



  1. Kudos to ezeigbo gburugburu, ur credibility is still speaking, am proud of gaint tribe. Igbo ndi oma eji eje mba. Safe journey great man.

  2. Mr President wen wl u commision the Heros of OGONI’S Wch is ( KEN SARO WIWA.) wch is recognise MOSOP Movement Of The Suvivers Of Ogoni People’s. Waa do” nu’ owuga eto a ne.


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