Photos: Is Californian Model, Mony Monn The Kim Kardashian Look Alike In Kanye’s Video?

He dreaded the release of a s*x tape involving him and a yet to be identified woman so much that he literally wept. Now, what is news is, the Kim Kardashian look alike is none other than model Mony Monn.

The 25 year old Californian girl is not only gorgeous but a photocopy image of Kanye’s present boo, Kim K. According to DJ Folk who happens to be Young Jeezy’s production coordinator, Mony Monn is undisputably the girl in the video tape.

While the model has yet to make any statement concerning the tape or the latest insinuation that she is the alleged Kim Kardashian look-alike on it, her activity on twitter, instagram or any other social media platform has significantly been at its lowest ebb since the tape became public.



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