Photos: Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian Under Fire For Copying Beyonce, Aaliyah.

It is strange that a celebrity will copy-cat a more popular celebrity and expect to get away with it without some bad-mouthing from fans of the more popular celeb. Don’t get me wrong, it is supposed to be a good thing that somebody thinks you are popular enough to want to be you but in an industry that thrives on originality and brand image, a direct ‘photocopy’ of a super-star’s style by another supposed super-star is just gross.

Nicki Minaj some days ago came under fire from Beyonce’s fans after she photoshopped a picture of her face over that of Beyonce’s for use on her Twitter profile. However, following several tongue lashing, she took the photo down a few hours later.

Then, reality TV star and Kanye West’s girlfriend, Kim Kardashian got her fair dosage of fans’ rage when she compared herself to late R&B singer, Aaliyah. Kim posted a photo on her Twitter page with the caption ‘Aaliyah hair today’…and that was all she needed to say for the torrents of bashing to begin. One person allegedly tweeted, ‘Ew do not compare yourself to an amazing, beautiful talented singer/actress who is an Angel!! #NoComparison’

So, I am asking, is it wrong for a celebrity to copy the exact style of another as shown in the pictures below?


The Nicki Minaj Image Photoshopped Over Beyonce’s Picture Below
The Original Photo Showing Beyonce’s Face
Kim Kardashian’s Hairstyle Comparism To Aaliyah’s Below That Sparked Outrage
Aaliyah: Still Commands Loyalty, Admiration & Love Even In Death

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