Producers Of Nigeran Idol Move To Drop Charly Boy From Panel Of Judges

The third season of Nigerian Idol is about to begin and we gather that one of the judges from last season, Charly Boy, might not be returning as a judge.

L-R Jeffery Daniels, Yinka Davies & Charly Boy (Nigerian Idol Judges)

Although a final submission of names for the panel of judges has not been made yet, it is widely believed that Charly Boy’s name is not on the list.

The last season was one of intrigues and stellar performances even as the addition of Charly Boy on the panel of judges, saw a lot of emotions and drama added. Mercy Chinwo Nnenda from Rivers state, was winner of the 2012 (season 2) edition.

Do you think the non inclusion of Charly Boy will affect the show’s ratings or the show will be better off without him?


  1. He should b dropped as he’s not a good role model for d youths. Charly boy represents everything that is morally wrong wit d entertainment industry. He disgust me, seriously.

  2. Dos in support sa hiiiiiii!! Dos nt in support say Neyyyyy!!!! D Hiiiiii’s hv it. U disgust me charly. U cnt b a role model 2 ur children. Mbanu, Gbam, it is stampd.

  3. We need decent celebs as judges in such platform…so replacing charley is not a mistake…but i ll love to see him change for good…i wsh him well..

  4. Too bad charlyboy and his idiotic antics have won him more foes than fans. Since he has refused to outgrow his idiocy, I join with those who say good riddance to his presence in d show. He is too old for his teenage antics..


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