Question Of The Day: Would You Date A Man Who Earns Less Money Than You?

That is a million dollar question. For some, the answer is as simple and straight forward as ABC. The question is specifically targeted at women but men can also answer the question, “would you date a woman who earns far more than you?”

Anyways, Chilli, a member of the defunct multi-platinum selling and award winning girl band TLC, was asked the same question on a TV show recently and here’s what she said:

“I’m very picky, I guess you want to call it that. Here’s my issue with ‘dating down’ – it sounds bad, it makes us seem shallow – the problem with dating down I think that for a female, no matter how much money you make or not, every woman wants to feel like a princess, you know. I don’t look for a guy to pay my bills, I can pay my own bills. I can do a lot of things for myself. Thank God I’ve been blessed. But I would love to go on a date with a guy and he pays for it or we go on a trip together and – if I have to pay half then I need to go on that trip with my girlfriend, not a dude. I’m just saying.”

Rozonda Ocelean “Chilli” Thomas

What do you make of her response and what would your own response be like?

Source: Linda Ikeji


  1. Such question depends on individual perception, I had in the past been a victim of such, I love a girl so much and just to find out she’s from a wealthy home, or she does work in a big establishment I then give up approaching her for a date. I think money,Kind of job,societal strata should be secondary in the things that has to do true love/relationship

  2. Oooooo mehn! Thats like tellin the cathode to do the job of the anode. We all know dat wheneva there is a variation in the magnitude of two extreme potentials, there is always a disturbance in the static equilibruim of the quantities along these potentials’ link. What happens when u interchange the polarities of a dry cell (battery) in a simple torch light?…do u see light? Nope! If i hear! at most (dependin on d piece) a backward flow or a reverse basis as in d case of semi conductors. Now all u need to do is to transform this illustration to the above subject. Crazy folks!

  3. Well,is all abt choice and understanding.if my main motive of dating a guy is bcos of money,y shud i go ahead wt someone whom i earn more than,it is horrible.but if am datin cos of love,i dot kia if i earn more dan u so far as the love,coperation and undastandin is their.d oly problem here is if d guy wont fil intimidated dat i earn more dan him cos dis daz guys c it as an insult.apn,it all dpends on d reason 4ur goin into d relationshp.


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