Rick Ross Drops Video Shot in Nigeria

Maybach Music boss, Rick Ross has released a new video shot in Lagos, Nigeria. The American rapper performed in Lagos few months ago and the video shoot was the first thing he did once touching down in Lagos.

Rozay in Nigeria

The video is the Nigerian version of Rozay’s song, Hold Me Back. A lot of Nigerians have been airing their opinions on the video with many saying Rick Ross has helped Nigeria wash her dirty linen in public. Others just appreciate the quality of Rozay’s work and enjoy the music.

We came across a couple of tweets from some Nigerian artists about the new video. Here are three of the ones that caught our eyes.

“@idcabasa_coded: It’s so sad dat it took a foreign artiste 2 tell d 9ja situation in a song! All we do nowadays is sing abt a fake life u might never live”

“@idcabasa_coded: Many dress like Fela, smoke more than Fela Bt none of them make sense like him! Rick came and did what Fela would ve done!”

“@BrymOlawale: Rick ross kill am for this video tho, conceptual!!! [email protected]

Well said Cabasa; it’s high time our artists started using their music to address the Nigerian situation. You don’t have to shoot all your videos abroad. Kudos to those already addressing the Nigerian situation.


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  2. @bobzy no awof 4 naija, cuz awof dey run belle…go and work first even na factory work to raise some money nd do some couple of demo den producer/sponsor will cum ur way… Big up to ricky rosey he has a 9ja blood no dout…

  3. It’s unclear what Ross — who has featured a music video with Nigerian pop stars before and has traveled elsewhere on the continent — or the directors of the video, listed as DRE Films & SpiffTV Films, tried to say with this video. Is it a statement against Igbo claims about the Biafran War in which nearly 3 million people lost their lives? Does Ross even know anything about Biafra. Or is this about Ross being a fan of soccer, especially of the Nigerian national team? …

    The negative reaction against Ross is understandable, though misplaced (and boring). It’s like the cottage industry calling for “positive” news about “Africa” in Western media. But equally problematic are those praising Ross for “exposing” poor conditions in Lagos when Ross is merely using Nigeria as a backdrop to make him look hard: “We’re so hard we throw dollar bills off boats to poor kids in Nigeria.” And the references to the Biafra war and old soccer games are baffling. If he was trying to show how Nigerians are struggling with poverty or resisting their conditions, why not use more recent/relevant images like Occupy Nigeria?