Sharia Court Banishes Man to Kaduna for Camping His Lover Who Has Been Betrothed to Someone She Does not Love

One Jaafar Ibra-him of the College of Education, Sokoto, has been banished by a sharia court sitting at Unguwar Gwaza in Gusau metropolis of Zamfara State, to Kaduna, for camping his girlfriend without the consent of her parents.

The 70-year-old father of the girl had told the court that his daughter was missing from his house since the Eid-el-fitr celebration. According to him, when the family set up a search team, it was discovered that her boyfriend had camped her in a secluded house.

In the words of the father, “We sent emissaries to the teenager to appeal to him to release my daughter but to no avail… her wedding is just around the corner. Honestly speaking, we were ashamed of what we are going to tell him,” the father told the court as he explains that his daughter had a suitor who had paid her dowry.

Meanwhile, testifying before the court, the embattled teenager told the court that he decided to keep his girlfriend because she told him that her parents wanted to marry her off to a man she did not love. However, in his ruling, the presiding judge said having heard from the plaintiff and defendant, the court had no option but to banish the accused to a place of his choice, Kaduna. The judge also ruled that the girl should remain indoors till when she would find a husband, while she was also banned from using handsets.



Source: Tribune


  1. Stupid scottttttttttt. Shariah is a muslim law. The same way you have your stupid laws from your stupid culture. I hope you have a culture by the way which I doubt. You must be afrimerican or afrieuropean already. By the way ask your grandfather if you are lucky that he’s alive and he’s ancient… Born in the 1800s. Ask him whether they married in those days based on “love” that the stupid westernization has corrupt our society with or they married based on arrangement. Ask how long their marriages last and compare it to todays marriages. Stupid brain-washed asshole. If you don’t like shariah, go use the 10 commandments. Stupido.

  2. @ My name, the fact dat u are not even bold enuf to disclose ur identity tells of fact dat u’re not even proud of dat so-called culture u seem 2 defend poorly. Some cultures are repugnant to natural justice, equity & good conscience. A law dat only favors an individual to d detriment of d other is not a fair law, a law dat has no respect 4 d rights of a woman is really not a good law but a callous,chauvinistic one.

  3. @my name nd @destiny am sure der is no brain in dos hollow spaces called head on ur sugarcane necks,unless u wont be saying somtin as senseless as dis,wat kind of foolish sharia law is dat,in d 21st century somone is stil held prisoner against her wish nd being forced off in marriage isnt dat jst crazy!going as far as lockin her up nd seizing her fones…being made a slave just bcos of a vry wicked system of ruling called shariah!my hrt rily goes out to her,dis is a violation of human rights…rubbish,cruel shariah..

  4. @my name.& co, why quarreling? The Camper and the Camped are from the culture. If the culture is good, they will abide. That culture is conflicting with their idea of good and bad and they are rebelling. The Sharia Judge is also rebelling by not jailing the Camper. HE, I “gather” said the Girl should remain indoors until she finds a Husband which meant the so called forced wedding is cancelled. However, would she find any other person indoor apart from the Camper who already has implanted a “seed” in her womb. GOOD JUDGEMENT

  5. @Lolade. Sharia is never the hausa/Fulani culture. Its also a borrowed arab law. @Noname and his supportive dumb ass: you claim some ppl are afrieurope or afriamerican, what are u? Afriasia or AfriArab? You have been hoodwinked by archaic laws made for medieval times and you stl want to invoke it over a thousand year after its ‘invention’. My advice to u guys is to read and learn. Search vehemently for the truth and don’t just accept a religion/culture/law that you didn’t choose in the first place. You practise just because you were born into it.


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