Shocking! Man Who Sells Vulture Meat As Roasted Chicken Is Caught In The Act

For those of us who like to patronize roadside sellers of meat otherwise called suya, here is a reason to think twice – that meat you are buying might not only be unwholesome, it could be a Vulture’s. Personally, I once had an experience where Donkey meat was sold to me and a couple of friends as cow meat; good enough, we were able to discern from the taste, texture and color of the meat. But what happens when you cannot tell the difference?

Vigilant residents of the garden city have apprehended a young man in the act of trapping vultures with local stimulant (snuff) in Onne, Port Harcourt. While confessing of his crime, the man who is from the north eastern part of the country said he wanted to use them as roasted chicken for his suya business.

He also claimed that he has been in this roasted vulture and suya business in Port Harcourt for a long time.


  1. Mek him roast d vultures chop first before him go go prison,he’s a very useless Hausa man,a total disgrace to the north,he knows how sensitive the north hates in eating such animals,then why deceive people wif vultures,its going sour and sour our relationship wif the other side of the country,God help us..

  2. Na girls na I petty pass 4 dis matter. Na them dey eat roadside chicken(VULTURE) in d name of enjoyment or grooving. Make una leave d man alone as he dey mine his business. Make he even add owl, hawk etc as this go increase his profit. GIRLS MAKE UNA CONTINUE TO EAT FAST FOOD AND ROADSIDE SUYA AND CHICKHEN, HE GOOD WELL WELL 4 UNA HEALTH. But as U do, no say u go fit eat your missin relation body part. Una dooooooooooooooo.

  3. Dis is an abominable act wh requires instant punishment without delay. However it’s not more than wht majority of us do behind bars. Our coun3 (leaders) hav induced in us d ability to break laws with impunity due to instability in every ramifications. Resign 4rm ur ugly acts now b4 ur cup gets full. LEARN FROM WHT HAPPENS TO ODAS.

  4. We r all complaining about a man selling vulture as roasted chiken wat about d ones also selling dsame meat in disguise as frozen chiken, we dnt ave 2blame d business men n women dey r all doing wat dey ave 2do so dey can survive. Wat we all ave 2do is 2b vigilant mind wat we eat, give 2odas n pray 2God 4protection dats all

  5. What’s d fuss abt ppl selling vulture meat? Who says its not meat enough? God says all birds of d air ar given as meat! Further, all things given by God is good! So is man saying God isn’t wise enough? Am certain there ar other climes where vulture is rich meat! Abeg, make una free d man! That is nt a criminal act. There ar ppl who don’t even eat wat is acceptable as meat here. Next time u buy suya, ask which meat it is, period.

  6. Hmmm… Oh MY GOD, dis is coming unbearable, you people na kid, it seems u guys don’t know what vulture means.there is Yoruba adage Daz says Eni ba pa IGUN(vulture) ki ro dun, Eni ba pa akalagbo Kan ki ko su… so why will dey free d man? Do you know how many people that will av die with d stupid meat dey av eaten! So let justice prevail……