Shocking Photo: The National Stadium We Spent N54 Billion to Build Now an Eyesore

What manner of explanation could anyone possibly give to justify this shameful state of what is supposed to be a world class National Stadium?

The National Monument located close to the Abuja City Gate in the capital of the country has now become a source of monumental shame for Nigeria.

Of course the current state of the stadium goes a long way in explaining the fact that our National teams have been playing in all other venues in the country anytime they have a fixture.

A lot has been said about how Nigeria lacks maintenance culture; this picture goes a long way in proving that assertion. May God help us.

If we spent close to N60 billion to build the stadium, how come we cannot afford to maintain it? Or perhaps we can afford to, but those that are supposed to ensure that the place is maintained would rather channel the funds for that purpose to “other” projects?

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  • They hav d money 2 mantain it, but d problem is that we hv a lot of thiefs in d house! they are nt interested in what they we do 4 their Country, but they want what their country will do 4 them! they say is a national CAKE! so any lettle Chance they see they will convert it 2 their own purse! GOD HELP US! they Love good things, but they will nt make Good of their OWN! what a wicked set of people, who call themselves GOVERNMENTS! God will JUDGE!

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