Strange: Woman Is Delivered Of A Creature With Goat-Like Legs And No Neck (Photo)

Wonders will never cease. This is probably the season of strange births and very mysterious occurrences and scientifically, we don’t have an explanation for them.

This latest news is coming from Jigawa state, north west Nigeria, where a woman is alleged to have given birth to the creature below – a baby without a clearly defined neck and with goat hoofs for feet.

According to the source of this story, the woman is said to have lamented her plight as this is the fourth time she will be giving birth to a strange creature.

We cannot independently verify the authenticity of this latest strange delivery but as we get more information, we will keep you abreast. You will recall that some weeks ago, a woman in Warri Delta state, gave birth to a horse-like creature in a church under mysterious circumstances.


  1. It could be as a result of radiation exposure or can also be traced to drugs taken during the duration of her pregnancy. So many other causes are possible, but with the lack of good medical doctors, hospitals or scientist in the country the only explanation Nigerians will typically turn to is to say it is a demonic attack. Or to say the world is coming to an end, when even Jesus Christ said He neither knows the time or hour that the son of man shall come.

  2. I really guess 2c a comment of some 1 talking about Allahs’ powers saying dat some common specialised Doctors can b able 2 prevent it. . My suggestion 2 ol is dt a truth shall set u freeeeee. . .

  3. It’s just a congenital malformation. The mother is probably involved in taking harsh drugs or some concoction believed to aid child birth. It’s common in the North and the federal ministry of health should increase their awareness on proper antenatal care

  4. Congenital malfunction, radiation exposure, etc, 4 d lack of neck is a probable explanation, buh d hoofs of a goat as legs???
    Strange n unspeakable tns ar indeed happening…
    D oda tym twas a horse-lyk creature, nw itz a child wit no neck n d hoofs 4 a horse…
    God pls hv mercy….

  5. Pls, don’t try to name it,congenital whatever. See,2 be spiritually minded is LIFE and 2 be carnally minded is Death…stop deceiving urselves.It is one of the numerous signs fortold.Wars and Rumours of wars,strange happenin…Time 2 giv it up…time 2 be Born Again and save ur soul from Eternal Destruction.We don’t av much time left.Pls,Hurry up…read up 1corinth 15:58…God Bless You.


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