Strange: Woman Is Delivered Of A Creature With Goat-Like Legs And No Neck (Photo)

Wonders will never cease. This is probably the season of strange births and very mysterious occurrences and scientifically, we don’t have an explanation for them.

This latest news is coming from Jigawa state, north west Nigeria, where a woman is alleged to have given birth to the creature below – a baby without a clearly defined neck and with goat hoofs for feet.

According to the source of this story, the woman is said to have lamented her plight as this is the fourth time she will be giving birth to a strange creature.

We cannot independently verify the authenticity of this latest strange delivery but as we get more information, we will keep you abreast. You will recall that some weeks ago, a woman in Warri Delta state, gave birth to a horse-like creature in a church under mysterious circumstances.


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