Sudan: German Embassy up in Flames as American and U.K. Embassies are Under Siege

Credits: AFP

The last has not been heard about the protests that sparked off in Libya some days ago. Those that have been following these nasty developments would known that attempts were made to attack other US Embassies in Egypt and Yemen, following the Libya scenario.

News just coming in has revealed that, Friday, protesters have attacked the German, American and British embassies in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum. Demonstrators were said to have started fires, tearing down the German flag and raising an Islamist banner in its place.

The German Embassy had, however, been vacated before the protests. However, in the Sudan protests, about 40 armed men were said to have been spotted among the 3,000 protesters, officials said.

Also, in Lebanon, Gen. Bassam Ayoubi of the Lebanese internal security forces said a group of armed men stormed the KFC and asked people to leave. Ayoubi said that the armed men then set the KFC on fire, at which time police arrived and began to fire at the armed men, killing at least one of them. Twenty-five were injured, he said, but it wasn’t clear which of the injured were on which side.


  1. Poverty is bad. Has anyone noticed that since the release of that video. Only poor countries have reacted. Iran, Saudi (the main homeland), Dubai, Kuwait have not reacted. But we see countries like Lybia, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen (Africa), reacting why cos the poor use religion as a consolation for their poverty.

  2. @Efe- Libya, Egypt and Sudan are not poor countries. Please, always conduct a research before you make comment. That’s always where the problem start. You don’t know about Islam, just like this your foolish brother the film director. Just look at the level of damage because of his stupidity.

  3. @ all I do not approve the video. But Killing yourselfs and other in the name of a video is unacceptable. @Muslim u dont have to insult me lets talk Logically if u are offended im sorry. @usman they may not be poor countries but they not as developed as dubai and saudi. @ destiny U have to reason how to bring the situation to peace afterall U say islam is a religion of peace, I am not happy with your comment @Dii u cant let emotions over ride ur judgement. U cant say all muslims are animals however lets just see how peace can reign

  4. So must u go on killing and destroying things because of film,what happens the ur so called leaders?WHY are the children not among you protesting?
    You better wake up from ur sleep.

  5. Y re ppo fighting 4 god or his messenger? If truly dat god is GOD, let him fight 4 himsf. As 4 me & my househood, we wil keep 4lowing JESUS CHRIST cos HE wil continue to fight 4 us.

  6. Must you kill somebody because of ur god, or maybe ur god cannot fight for himself bcos he is helpless. But my own God is a God of vegeance and He will surely avenge Himself and not by the power or through a mortal.

  7. F u want to know d meaning of islm,google prophet of doom and u will see what am talking bout!muhmmed is a criminal who specialising in killin young ones,rpin women and klliin innocent ones!check d prophet of doom on google and u will see what am talking about!bck up wit qurn verses!those muslim saying rubbish here are element of destructon!islm is evil and must be wiped out soon!I was a muslim and I will categorically tell u d truth!


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