The solution to corruption in Nigeria is to kill all corrupt leaders – Management Expert

Her name is Stella Ladipo, the principal partner in one of the prominent management training and development centres around. She is also a council member, Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM), and she is a recent recipient of the Chris Abebe medal award, from the Nigerian Institute of Management, an award given to her in recognition of her meritorious contribution and significant services to the progress and growth.

In an interview recently granted Ladipo shared, among other things, her concern over the spate of corruption in the country. Asked what she thought about the spate of corruption in our country, the management guru said:

“We have laid too much emphasis on money; we are ruled by money and have become slaves to it. Money is a spirit, it can make one misbehave as well as destroy. Take a look at lives of those at the hems of affairs disgracing themselves and their families. Everywhere you find leaders and public office holders embezzling millions and billions of Nigerian money just to enrich themselves at the detriment of the poor masses. For goodness sake the funds that are embezzled belong to every citizen of this country not a group of individual.”

Also, on what can be done to solve the problems of corruption in the country, Ladipo said:

“I still have that believe that what Jerry Rawlings did in Ghana when he became president is the solution to corruption in Nigeria. When he came in as president he killed all the corrupt leaders. We must introduce the Rawlings treatment to checkmate corruption in Nigeria. When this is done the tendency of corruption will be curbed.”



Source: Vanguard


  1. It is good we identify the fact that Ladipo like many Nigerians is frustrated about the high rate of corruption in the land. However,i still bliv that there are rooms for changes,rather than calling for the total elimination of those involved. My advise is that we can particpate or play effective advisory roles in the polity of our nation to bring about the desireable changes. God bless Nigeria.

  2. Jerry Rawlings system in Ghana is not the solution to Nigeria’s corruption. The only antidote is death penalty. And Judiciaries need to be reformed to be able to perform there functions as expecting, also Nigerians need peoples constitution not this 1999 constitution that even accommondate corruption.

  3. Killing all corrupt leaders will not solve the problem. Killing corruption and making it harder for them to loot national finances is a wiser and more effective way of solving the financial corruption problem in Nigeria. Because the current financial system allows it, corruption prevails. If there was a paperless financial system in Nigeria for example, corruption will be greatly reduced.

  4. sensible people talk sensible people hear, ur right Mama, but there will say women’s word lack sense dn’t worry time will come the world will remember ur saying. Big thief bring out names call embezzlement when young man make mistake they call stilling,thief, why do we bring Allah or God, we fear to die but our leader is kill us the only way forward is to eliminate them period.


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