The Worst Thing I’ve Heard About Myself – Cossy Orjiakor

While some love Cossy Orjiakor for being herself, others have this negative impression about her and this bothers her a lot.

In her words she said:

“The worst rumour I have heard about myself was that dog story where it was alleged that I slept with a dog. It was so terrible that even the producer and director denied me. It got me thinking that what of if I was dead. If they had the mind to deny a living person, then, they can as well poison you. I took the producer to court because I served them court papers.

We got the video and my mother said if these people can go to this extent to tarnish me, then they can do worse and she advised that I should just leave them. It was actually my mother that made me forget about the matter because my sister is a lawyer and she was working for Ricky Tafa, a law firm based in Abuja. She was ready to take up the case but my mum asked me to forget about it and I did.”

During the whole saga, Cossy said she never for once changed her perception about the industry as it’s one of those things to experience as a notable face in Nollywood.

“The experience didn’t stop me from acting. If I am called upon to take up a movie role, I go but I am very particular about roles. I love my life. I can’t really go to a place where I will be scared. Some people don’t like you so you just keep off.”


    • U guys re not suppose to judge any1, allow God to jugde for himself, afteral most of u re worster dan her, wot most of u do pple dnt know, bt is btwn u nd God. Cossy has bin doin her tin nd she’s ok wif it, no amount of insult wil mk her change her mind, if u cn not like her den leav her alone. I believ she did not cal any of u for friendship. Is beta to b plain dan to pretend. Is only God dat knows dose dat re real. Leav d lady alone, evrybody wif his or her life style. Y re u guys drinking paracetamol for anoda person’s headache ??? Pls mind ur biz nd leav her alone.

  1. Nawa for you guys. Is it because some of your sister’s do their own wit their boy friend inside the house and that makes them not Prostitute but Sex normal life style. See all of you that are saying such words are sleeping wit different girls if you deny it then you must be a gay and need to be killed. Cossy is doing what feels she has to do and none of your business. Some of you that are commenting your sister even do worse than her such are Blow job, monkey style,goat style,dog style,frog style, rat style, pig style etc. Is better for her to what she is doing make her money than those of your sisters that give for free just for only meat pie and coke. Thank God I dont have any sister.

  2. Many ppl claim 2 b saints bt yet de ar not…john/richard u guys ar a disgrace 2 human being..u guys claim 2 b good boys while d worst hapun arund u..ur sis de ar all saints baa….she is jux livin ha life nd also bein plain nd open or is it bcos we ar in nigeria wer we dnt tynk positive abt anybdy all we do is tynkn negative..wen u c a boy nd a gal discusin u tynk odawise..hw dare u sef curse d day she was born ar u ha moda? Abi sibling or even God? I guess u guys wer nt brot up well by ur parents…..guys of ur type did dat 2 ha…..u guys ar supose 2 b ashamed of ur sefs..i guess u guys ar nt yet 4 u energy u b my man,u spoke well….john/richard u guys ar ment 2 go 4 confesion nd obtain ur penance……ifele eme ozu

  3. Some of u guys are just confused, narrow minded, reduced to pieces of bread, lost sense of right judgement and unfair to yourselves just because you saw the bare of a loosed & destitute uncultured & unashamed thing. So for that, you now call black white and white you called black. Can your relatives do the same? Then how many of your family members have you encouraged to be walking necked.

  4. Oh I pity all of you guys who can not call spade a spade @ this ur age, you c who is sopurse to be a role model to d younger generation misleading thousands of young once astray, and u pick up ur fone and write up some thing that she is doing well,ah where r d human ethics, morals etc she was thought,listing d bible said if any one will mislead this children or make any of his child to fall into sin, that it was better that,that person were not born @ all or a very big stone be hong on that person neck $ be throne into a dip river, u kwn what that means,see cossy God can not change his word,change girl change indecent dressing.

  5. Wonders shall never end!So Cossy,you have a mother?Eehen!I’m trully surprised.With the shameless way you (un)dress,i thought you dropped from the sky having no one to train you and inculcate moral values in you!

  6. Sincerely you guys amaze me. I know its wrong to condemn people but will we then keep our mouths closed concerning the evil being perpetrated in our society? SIN IS SIN, stop pretending. All of you talking about sisters who don’t do their own in public, FYI, THERE ARE STILL SOME GIRLS OUT THERE WHO ARE CLEAN. Call a spade a spade and stop deceiving yourself. If this is the kind of role model young girls have today, i personally pity the next generation.