Trayvon Martin: DNA Evidence Counters Zimmerman’s Claims

According to The Orlando Sentinel, DNA tests ran on George Zimmerman’s gun grip excludes Trayvon Martin as a donor, meaning the teenager did not wrestle with the former neighborhood watchman for his gun as he claims.

Prosecutors released another batch of evidence this morning, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

George Zimmerman, 28, is charged with 2nd degree murder in the shooting death of Martin in February. The teen was returning to his father’s girlfriend’s townhome in a gated subdivision near Orlando when he was confronted by Zimmerman, who was the self-appointed neighborhood watchman and allegedly shot him. Zimmerman is free on $1 million bond.

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  • In similar news, GZ has no moon dust on him (just as he claimed)…..TM’s DNA is not on GZ’s gun cuz it is not his gun and cuz he never touched it (just like GZ said)…….
    If the head is split, ACQUIT!
    Who is the 12 year old child they have photos of? That isnt NO_LIMIT_ASTRONAUT is it?

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