True Life: “Please Help! My Husband To Be Doesn’t Last More Than 5 Secs In Bed, What Should I Do?”

*Clears Throat* I don’t know if I am supposed to be doing this but seeing that the lady who wrote this is in dire need of some quality advice, I decided to share with you guys here. And yes, the ladies too. This wasn’t written directly to me as I saw it on a blog since morning and uptil now, nobody has given any form of advice. I trust with our wider reach and quality of readers, we can help give Tayo (that’s her name, according to her) very useful advice.

Read the story below and please, give useful and dispassionate advice. Thank you:

Hello, please post this as you might just be helping me save my future. My name is Tayo. I’m 25 and might be getting married in December, if only I will say yes to my man.

He’s 31 by the way, but I told him I was going to think about it. To cut the story short, I’m really scared of getting married to him because I wouldn’t want to cheat on my husband. This guy is not even a one minute man when it comes to sex. He is a 5 seconds person. I’ve complained severally and he has tried to take all kinds of drugs to make him last but they don’t work.

Whenever we are ready to get down and he is inside me, he just thrusts for 5secs and that’s it and then he leaves me wanting and he can’t go a second round because his body can’t do it. There was a time I was so horny I had to go meet my ex and yes he made me feel like a woman. But with my soon to be hubby I don’t feel that way. He does not smooch me, he just goes straight in and then everything is over in a blink. I’m just frustrated and I need advice because he has tried basically every solution including Viagra, but the after effect was bad.

How can I be a faithful wife after I get married to this guy when he can’t even satisfy my urge? What should I do?


  • It is a matter of choice,if u cant stay wit dat condition pls quite but be mindful that some girls are out dia looking for suitors.pls think wisely.

  • Hey. Sex is important in marriage but marriage is not made 4 sex rather sex 4 marriage. As much as u r not satisfied, so also he. If dis guy is great n 4 dis reason u let him go, u may regret.U should strive 2 b a virtuous woman.My dear there is noting prayers cannot do. Jesus is the true physician n noting is difficult 4 him. In a nut shell, run to Jesus n stop sleeping wit a man who is not yet ur hubby as well as ur ex. That hurts Jesus but he still loves you. Ur body is his temple so please keep it till u married. Cheers.

  • It is quite unfortunate that Tayo have found herself in this situation which to me,i believe has a solution.
    She should sought trado-medical remedy. She also have the choice of either carrying her cross or let it go. Besides, fatique could be a cause. Malnutrition is another cause and others too numerous to mention.

    Tayo should get typical roots from Ijebu and make her marriage fun full.

  • Dear, before u take any steps, u guyz should av a serious discussion abt ur fears, dreams , aspirations, wat u like abt d oda. etc. then i think u should raise this issue to him by choosing ur words carefully and den try to convince him dat he needs a medical help. This is not an issue of viagra, it is a medically issue and should be treated medically by a professional, a specialist. From there u’ll know the next step. cos if u want to be a gud wife, u nid to learn to stand tru his trying moments. There is a solution but u av to stick with him. Gal, pple r looking for gud husbands o.

  • Your story its not dat difficult. If u Love him, marry him but if u dont nd tink all u want from him its satisfaction of SEX, den quit d relationship cos u will definately cheat on him. All d best

  • Well my dear there solution for every problems so i advice u to take him to a doctor for medication,if not i ll advice u to leave the marriage blc u ll not enjoy the marriage and this ll lead u to be cheiting on him.

  • Omo!dis 1 na case o,he shud seek medical attention.before u 2 finally tie d knot.cos u mit be forced 2 cheat in d marriage.ders nofin fraustration can’t do.never d less derz nothin difficult 4 God 2 do.

  • Don’t live the guy,if you truly love him because there is no problem without solution,some girls now they are looking for suitor,so seek for solution from elders they will lead you true.

  • If u really luv him I will advice u to stay wt him, it’s a simple and common problem wt guys. I must be sincere wt u, it’s very easy to handle, u can’t treat premature ejaculation wt drug, don’t let anybody deceive u wt herbal product. One of d several way u can handle dis is exercising ur PC muscle popularly known as kedgeling, it works. He can add me on 22b4b2a7
    for more advice

  • go & buy a big Dog when ever ur man is down. the Dog will start to give u the satisfy u need. If no be for peeking what did we man need from woman ur looking for who to kill

  • I don’t know y u pple d truth r not bn honest , u see someone doing bad thing u don’t even correct her nd u pple start suggesting solutions . Woman let me tell u d truth , dis man may not marry u in end cos there r disadvantages of premarital sex , d guy ‘ll get tired of u , he might av known u in nd out , no 2 pre-marital sex is a sin , u should wait until u r properly married b 4 sex , y r u in haste d food wey u go chop wey go even tire u later, abi u b ashawo ? Cos ur husband 2 b no d last 4 ur head na him d make u d run go meet anoda man, bad of u , God hates such things pray 2 God 2 4give u .

  • helo dear, i always beliv dias no problem wtout solution, is even better u find out b4 marriage bcos u wld ve been cheating on him dats 4sure , bt wat u nid 2do is 2try dis tradition herbs i mean dis native doc bcos dias no issue wt out our bdy chemistry dat d cure cant be gotten from al dis local or traditional medicine , we knw very wel dat herbs cures al illhealth it boost d organs responsible sicknes so try it and God wil make it wrk for u bt pray befor any in step

  • No magic, let him eat a lot, sleep a lot & he can start off the romance using a condom so that he takes longer time to discharge. Anyway how you come know, so you don dey do the thing even before marriage. Just pray he does not leave you mumu.

  • u a’not beta dan a prostitute 4 u to tell us dat u tried ur ex and he did it well. My question is y not stick to ur ex who can satisfy u instead of playing games around? U beta watch it and be faithful .

  • Dear Tayo if u av fully prayed & u r convinced dat he is ur life partner den u av 2 stand by him tak him 2 emmanuel tv i belive strongly he‘l get his healing & u‘ll av a hapi marid life even if u guys r not ment 2 b jus do dis 4 him as part of d positive effect u had on him & he‘l honor u 4 eva. Good luck dearie stay blessed

  • I would’ve laugh buh…dis z nt a laughing matter. Pls my dear Tayo, it’s painful dat ur fiance doesn’t stay more dan 5secnds during sexual intercourse. Bt u’ve 2 go 4 medical treatment so as 2 knw wether he’s an impotent or what his prob. Is…b4 anytin cn be done. Be patience, cos a patience dog eats d fattest bone. U can add me on 2go via SNAZZY192, 4 a cool chat. Gudluck

  • I know that every Dick & Harry would like to comment. Ayo, You have already failed by engaging yourself in pre-marital sex, hence your crying out. If I may ask, who was that your ex that did it the way you wanted? Is he a married man? I suppose, otherwise, why did he not marry you? Well, since you need a candid advise, before the act, 1st give him blowjob, in that way, he will remain strong even after downloading. This is my fear with ladies who have tested so many dicks before getting married. ladies, zip up before the time. Thank you.

  • 1st thing first, their is a solution to every problems. Knowing what marriage is all about may be of help 2 both of u in Combating ur predicament. The guyz prowress might have declined due to the excessive of some certain intake. @ this point professional advice is needed. Aside that u the lady knowing fully well the status him, then the need for u to be gentle and be more of help to him in coming out of the problem. There are many strong men out their that will give u what u actually wanted, but do u knw their health status? Pls if the guy in question have been good in other shere, then I think both of u with the help of profesionals like councellor,medical practional and pastor and not leting God out, solution will jump forth.

  • Tayo shld try stay with him with good treatment,bt if it still nt cure she can divorce him according to shariah law bcos she can been initiated in flecting out with comcubines which is so unlawful to God.NOTE:sex is very important in relationship

  • Interestin story, hey young lady u are wrong to quate ur man to take a drugs lyk Viagra.4 u to marid him remenba da mariage is eva lastin da wit tym he wl regain hs bdy nd dnt 4get to go into PrayeR

  • My dear run 4 ur life o is better 2 do mistake in a relationship dan marrage o how sure are u dat his not an importent man. dear u are 2 young 2 be living in bondage,dere are many gud guys out dere good 4 gold

  • My dear run 4 ur life o is better 2 do mistake in a relationship dan marrage o how sure are u dat his not an importent man. dear u are 2 young 2 be living in bondage,dere are many gud guys out dere goo 4 gold

  • When you girls wear veil to cover your faces on wedding
    day after committing series of fornications whom do you
    think you are fooling, me, your pastors who officiate, the
    church who congratulates you or God who sees every thing
    the veil is exclusively for vergins if dont know. Marriage is
    like a parcel you only open when all formalities are taken
    care of otherwise the saying ‘for better for worse’ is not
    real. Its a pitty that the world is becoming a place where
    people are proud to tell the world their sins and ohers
    are cheering her up.

  • SIN, SIN and SIN.
    Hell is real, anyone having sex outside marriage pre or post is headed there Rev. 21:8, Heb 13:4
    Beware time is short, seek God today in holiness, let Jesus help you.

  • first, no matter wht we call it, b4 God Almighty, its a sin. Secondly, there is
    nothing small tht cannot become big n nothing big tht cannot
    become bigger or great tht cannot become greater, for our God
    can do all things, He says in Isaiah 60v22b, ‘in its time,
    i ll do it swiftly.

  • Sex is important in marriage, but marriage is not made for sex rather sex for marriage. My advice for both of you to call on Dr Wale Smith and i believed things will work out by God grace. Rather than for you too leave him for the problem.

  • my dear…DO NOT MARRY HIM…dont make d mistake i did..leave all dis talk of staying, finding a cure and all sorts..dose sayin r not in d position u r in..i will tell u i love my hubby very much bt if i cry every single time he touches me..d emotional trauma..d fustration..d yearnings of my young body..its affecting my whole going crazy..i have prayed and prayed..talked and talked yet i am still in d situation..
    so my dear,dont make d same mistake i did..a sexless marriage is bound to hit d rocks..its only a mata of time

  • Please Tayo, very sorry for all you are going by the way. The truth is you are already cheating on him. you know what to do, what you can do and what to do. That is why you went for your ex, if I may ask you, did you let him know you got what you needed from him somewhere else? I suspect you are actually trying to reap where you did not sow and as such you will never enjoy it . My perceive some one is praying somewhere.The rightful owner will certainly enjoy what belongs to her.

  • if dat guy is ur’s u better stand by him it may b dat God want 2 test ur faith n d relationship , cos if u leave him u may end up wit someone worse dan him, there no problem greater than prayers, good luck.

  • Sis your case is simple. Your
    man may have not been exposed to it. I guess you are the one inducing him. Not withstanding with time ur man will regain his strength and confidence. Mark my word.


  • hi gal,am really sorry abt that,bt to every problem ,there is always a solution,give me a call on this number:08095593988/08036335279 cos we cant discuss it on air

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  • Firstly.sorry for tham.its quiet unfortunately that your man can not satisfied you when it comes to the bed matter,as a man,i wont advice you to move on wit him and at the sate tyme i would not ask you to quit with him.but pls try for him a little bit so that u wont be guity of love.pls i beg.

  • well it sounds pathetic more so considering your love for this guy. the truth is that 40% of men all over the worl experience one form of premature ejaculation or the other without even knowing it. Just i always tell my blog readers, the key is to know the cause of the p.e. if its infection, the right thing to do is cure it first. if that is done, every other formular you apply will work. I hope this advice helps? call +2348066166556 for more. i will be happy to help. God bless you.

  • That Benald Udo must be a pervert for coming here to advertise a shameful sugar mummy business!
    This administration of this site should try to be selective in terms of responses displayed!
    Somebody even wanted to laugh when something wasn’t funny! Go to Yaba left! Idiots. Tayo, pls repent from your previous dirty escapades and start a fresh relationship with Jesus! Good luck

  • For now i dont know anything medically but prevention is better than is one of the most important thing in marriage.if he cannot satisfy you and you cannot control it. says:


  • Its a pity but never mind, if he can stand d smell, he should be taking Garlic, Ginger and Water melon. This three are a very good booster for sex. Best of luck please!!!

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