Tweets Of The Day: “Without D’Banj, My Production Skills Might Have Been A Waste” – Don Jazzy

Humility doesn’t come any more than this, believe me! Don Jazzy just keeps winning more friends and foes alike with his easy going and down to earth mien. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t bother about this series of tweets but for the fact that he just acknowledges everyone or atleast, almost everyone who has contributed towards making him the enigma he is today.

Don Baba J paid respects to his erstwhile partner and buddy, Dbanj- like seriously? In this time and age where loyalty is hard to come by and people just don’t seem to acknowledge the role others played in their success stories, Don Jazzy stands tall like a beacon especially when you consider the acrimonious circumstance under which he and Dbanj parted ways.

See the tweets below for yourself and tell if I’m wrong in my judgement of Don Jazzy:



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