Update: Finally, Nollywood Actor, Richard Oganiru Tells His Own Side Of The Story

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Richard Oganiru, the popular nollywood actor who some few weeks ago was involved in a murder scandal, has opened up on what happened for the first time since the story of his alleged complicity in the death of his wife.

In a telephone conversation with Charles Nwagbara of High Society Magazine, the actor maintained his complete innocence and that the false stories were planted to defame his character. Here is what he said:

His late wife took ill over five months ago and was battling fibroid. He explained that they opted for some kind of treatment supervised by German doctors which will prevent normal surgery. But to his dismay, the fibroid kept growing back and causing his wife more pain. Later, they  decided to go seek spiritual help and moved from Abuja to Lagos- precisely, Prophet TB Joshua’s synagogue church of all nations in Ikotun, where they were given an accelerated appointment by the popular prophet based on self recognition.
His wife he said, then suggested they move to her brother’s apartment at the Airforce Barracks in Shasha. While there, she rejected all the provisions he bought and rather, insisted on having pap prepared by her sister at their brother, Group captain David Aluko’s home. After the meal, he said her condition became worse and they decided to move her to Synagogue since the appointment was to be in a few hours. According to the actor, his wife refused and requested she be taken to a hospital instead. While on their way, with his brother-in-law, his wife gave up the ghost just as they got to the military hospital gate.

That according to him, was when his travails began as his brother-in-law became hostile despite his own predicament especially, following the sudden and shocking death of his beloved wife which raised his blood pressure and resulted in his hospitalization. Later when he came to, he discovered that his brother-in-law had deposited his wife’s corpse at the morgue and ordered him, Oganiru, to go tell their parents that his wife, their daughter, had died. This the actor said he will do, but demanded the death certificate so as to present to his in-laws to clear himself since the Air-force officer had started behaving funny by insinuating all sorts of allegations.

Falsely Accused? Richard Oganiru

Group Captain David he said, ordered him out of the barracks from where he left for his hotel room only to discover that his wife’s stuffs had been removed and his belongings ransacked.
Going further, Oganiru said, “They even seized the keys to my jeep and my international passport. I had to beg for my things to be returned. When I got the keys and my passport back and David insisted that I cannot have the morgue tag for my wife, I left for our home in Abuja. On arriving there, they had locked me out and carted away eveything that belonged to my wife and even our wedding pictures. Eventually I was allowed inside”.

“Three days later some policemen from force headquarters came to arrest me based on a petition written about me that I killed my wife. I was kept in cell with Boko Haram members and I was the one washing for them. The police didn’t care about my medication. When they saw my health was getting bad, they released me. I was asked to report two days later to face my accusers. I took some journalist to the house to see how they vandalized my things. That same evening, a group of policemen came in commando style, broke down my window and said I was under arrest. That was how they took me to Asokoro police station after beating me mercilessly and I was bleeding from ear and nose, A few day later, a professor friend came and told them that they should release me or charge me. He insisted that they should do the autopsy and charge me based on that, When nothing was found after the autopsy was conducted, they let me go”.

“Meanwhile, these heartless people had gone ahead to bury my wife without my consent. Now the next thing is that they are on the internet alleging that I poisoned my rich wife for her property. Let me tell you, my wife was a hardworking woman but about being rich, i don’t know, otherwise why did we scrap to the bone to find money for her treatment? We live in a rented apartment, so i don’t know the property I killed her for that I wanted to inherit. See, the callous people said I also killed my two former wives. My ex wife is alive, healthy and bubbling with my two children. But I know there is God and I must fight this to a logical conclusion. God is with me and my accusers will soon be put to shame. Thank you for calling me to find out the truth”.

His revelation throws more answers than questions. It also calls to question the behaviour of men of our security agencies. How could an officer of the Nigerian Airforce allegedly behave in the manner painted above? And then, the usual culprits, the Nigeria Police? Putting a suspect who has not been thoroughly investigated in the midst of detained “boko haram” members? Haba! That is not right; Richard Oganiru should get a very seasoned and fearless Attorney to begin the process of instituting legal proceedings against the Nigeria police especially, and Group Captain David Aluko.

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