Video footage of a doctor abusing his young victims before performing illegál ábortions on them

It is very critical to tell you that viewer discretion is adviced here, and the vidéo contains a lot of obscene performances.

This is the result a journalist got while investigating a case of a Ghanian Doctor that performs abortions for young girls. This doctor is said to usually lie to the patients that there is a place his hand cannot get to while performing the abortion and he has to use his manhood. With this he successfully has séx with them and continue with the abortion. An eyesaw one must say.

See video from the link below…



  1. Iam reporting some fraud being practice on facebook.There is a guy using this name,Alex Peterside Atedo to steal from people.He also has an accomplis named mrs uttah philip and Darky Ibeh.I know they are all fake names.Alex claim to be in the united kingdom and work as an engineer at Vital construction company.I want u guys to pass the info to the world


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