Video – Teen Mother Caught on Camera in the hospital trying to Suffocate her baby with a blanket & her hands

Just yesterday we reported that a child was left to die at a dumpsite in Nigeria here, and now this pops up. Obviously the world is going crazy as one can not just comprehend why mothers, no matter how young, would want their children dead.

It was reported that a Texas teen mom could face life behind bars after she was caught on camera trying to smother her baby with a blanket and her hands.

Shortly after, Scott takes her hand and puts it over the baby’s nose and mouth for a minute and 14 seconds.

The baby is seen kicking his arms and legs before going limp.Doctors and nurses rush into the hospital to resuscitate Rhaidyn after alarms go off, indicating he has stopped breathing.

Luckily, the baby survived and is now in foster care.”No doubt if it hadn’t been for the hospital staff, he would be dead today,” prosecutor Rainey Webb said.

Shantaniqua Nykole Scott, 18, of Waco was convicted Thursday of injury to a child.She told authorities that she couldn’t handle the stress of being a single, unemployed mom and wanted the 4-month-old “out of my life.