Viewer Discretion: Video Of ‘Doctor’ Who Allegedly UsedHis Patients Before Performing Abortion On Them

You remember the story we brough you last week of the Ghanian “Doctor” that rapes his patients- usually young women with unwanted pregnancies, before performing crude abortion procedures on them? Well, here’s a video to his dastardly act which was secretly recorded by a Ghanian undercover journalist who posed as a worker in the clinic where this fake doctor works.

The “doctor”, Joshua Drah, will pretend to ‘seek the consent’ of his victims by telling them while they are in that helpless position, that he has to have sex with them to make the procedure ‘less painful’ and to drive home his point, actually starts yanking out the insides of a hesitant girl, who quickly allows him have his way after screaming out in pain! Even with blood already dripping out of his hapless victim! The procedure is also carried out without the patients been anesthetized, so the women are fully conscious, feeling every torture this ” Sexy Lord of Abortion” inflicts on them.

Meanwhile, The Ghana Medical Association has expressed worry over the news reports about Joshua Drah at Madina, who claimed to be a medical practitioner. This was contained in a release issued and signed by the General Secretary, Dr Frank Serebour, and copied to the Ghana News Agency on Friday. It said: “Indeed, the Ghana Medical Association will like to state emphatically that the said Joshua Drah, according to our records, is not a Medical Doctor and that his actions should not be used to drag the name of doctors into disrepute.”

The press release also enjoined the public to be circumspect in their dealings with individuals who posed as medical doctors and should immediately report all suspicious individuals to the security agencies for appropriate actions to be taken.

“Moreover, the judicial system should give stiffer punishment to such unscrupulous individuals to deter others from treading the same course,” it added.

Joshua Drah Has Been Labelled ” The Sexy Lord Of Abortion” By The Ghanian Media

Follow the link to view the video below. However, viewer discretion is strongly advised:



  1. That is the end time we are talking about hw cn a doctor do a thing like this to his patience i think dis person should be sentence to dat by hanging who knws hw many women dat have fall victim to dis devil dat calls himself a human being, dis should serve as a lesson to our woman dat open dare legs any how to men, come to tink of it the level of corruption in ghana is becoming too unbearable de movie evrything about dem i belive you guys hv nt jion de soo cxalled developed country to do nonsence god have mercy de end of the world is close.