War Of Words: “You Be My Mugu” – Eedris Abdulkareem To Former President Obasanjo

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A few days ago, former president Olusegun Obasanjo while speaking on some burning national issues made reference to Kennis music act, Eedris Abdulkareem’s song “jaga jaga.” This is the second time the ex-ruler will be making reference to the singer over the same song title.

If you recollect, the song was released when Chief Olusegun Obasanjo was still president of Nigeria and now, five years after he left the seat of power, the two are still engaged in a war of words and wits. According to Obasanjo, ‘One of the worst problems Nigeria is facing is disbelief. Nigerians no longer believe in themselves neither do they believe in their country. That takes me back to that song “jaga jaga”, how could a sane man dare to call his country jajajaja? It is the height of blasphemy. We are grooming our youths for tomorrow’s leadership and with such persons I don’t think the country can move forward’.

Eedris Abdulkareem in typical fashion has taken on the former ruler via twitter as he called him “…my mugu”. See full tweet:

Two Fighting? Former President Obasanjo & Rapper Eedris Abdulkareem

What’s your take on this back and forth exchange of words between these two Nigerians?


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  1. I salute your courage mr eedris abdulkareem!! It is youths and people like you who are not afraid to say it like it is that we need in this country, not cowards and youths who don’t even know their left from right. Nigeria is in this mess bcos good people are afraid to tell corrupt politicians and all those cabals what they need to know to their faces, for all I care ex-president obasanjo and his partners can go to hell! They still believe in naija bcos they have looted billions of dollars for their generations to enjoy(and are still looting the country today) so why won’t he believe in naija? What of the coomon man who cannot eat even one meal today? What of the youth who cannot even find a job or money to do bussiness? Many young men and women are becomin over aged bcos they cannot afford to raise a family or even marry! Edris God bless you for havin the courage to stand and talk! May God grant us the same courage to speak up so we won’t die in silence in this country!

  2. Eedris,
    You’ve forgotten this popular saying ” what you sow, you shall reap”, you lack cultural respect . My advise; seek for forgiveness now, do it publicly and personally. Save your head and future.

    • There is a popular saying in my dialect that ” Okenye me onwe ya bredi, umuaka a ta ya” this means ” if an elder makes himself bread, children will eat him” there is also another popular saying that respect is reciprocal.
      why must we respect our failed leaders who kept us in this present situation.

      Youths of the mistake called nigeria please think and wake up. You have slept for so long. The entire country has lost her respect as just last week, Gabon deported about 215 nigerians for no reason. very soon, we would recieve nigerian deportees from Somalia.

      Shame on the irony called Nigeria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. At this time of our most needed transformation and national development,I don’t all these are necessary now,these are agents of distraction and should be stopped.Ex-presi,and Eedris are just raising dust to make papers sale!

  4. in Africa, especially, among d yorubas, d elders are accorded due respect, and dis also reflects in hw younger ones speak to them. It is obvious mr obasanjo and eedris doesn share d same point of view abt d state of d nation, yet, eedris shuld have responded better to d ex president

  5. D only person dt has spoken well is DAN.. Is 9ja nt jagajaga for real? I bliv majority of u takin side wif d ex-presi r frm rich homes nd children of politicians..OMO BABA OLOWO..so I ll nt blame u all for abusin Eedris..Besides y is OBJ makin reference 2 dt atm..I av many reasons to say 9ja is jagajaga now,it was still beta durin OBJ’s administration..Now 9ja is messed up..Azin totally..So y do I av to say 9ja is gud wen its nt actually fair..Pls think twice b4 u write comments

  6. Why do we youths refuse to take our future in our hands, a corrupt leader like OBJ that’s suppose to be in jail calling Edris that rose to stardom from his struggles names, if we are not bias about d whole story, is d country in a good shape of where it suppose to be. D old fool said they’re trainning d youths to be d leader of tomorrow, ow many youths of the 70s $ 80s are leaders ₪☺w? When all they do is substitution of old hags to worsen d future for the common Nigeria youths. Eedris thumb up for you

  7. I no blame una wey dey abuse my Eedris.Una dey mad!!! Naija jaga jaga till infinity…motherfucking political looters like OBJ show go for a vacation in a casket.mtchew!

  8. I no blame una wey dey abuse my Eedris.Una dey mad!!! Naija jaga jaga till infinity…motherfucking political looters like OBJ should go for a vacation in a casket.mtchew!

  9. dat track is now a referenc point. it’s also like sunny okosun’s ‘wch way nigeria’…al abt d state of d nation den, right!? abdulkarim stil owes nigerians new track abt our gooddies. insultin OBJ for dis issue is evil of him…can ABU lead us right?

  10. Idris must be a bastard to say that to the former president. Idris is the real jagajaga. If u don’t believe in nigeria, why not go to hell? Idiot!

  11. How nigeria won’t be jagajaga when jagajaga head like idris does not even know how to show respect to a former leader of his country like Obj. Nonsense!, who are the boko harams hes refering to?, no be idris jagajaga alimanjiris brothers led by his jagajaga papa buari abi na buaram. Idris, you are a goner!!!

  12. kai!lets b realistic nig. Is Jaga i ripit nig.is Jaga. Try nd pay a visit to ol d local gov’t area u’ll c wat me nd mr. Eedrees mean.d so called leaders at ol representin d whole citizen of nig. So tell me hw can uneducated citizen benefit frm d gov’t? Is he nt a citizen?yet even d educated one’s ar jobless let a lone an uneducated one.so tel me wit sch a tin u called dis country a beta place to leave….where as dnt forget dis is democracy ….were dwir is freedom of speech.

  13. Idris! Idris! Idris! Hw many time did i call you?……..thunder fire U̶̲̥̅̊r mouth 4 calling Baba OBJ ur Mugu. I know ur problem is because U̶̲̥̅̊ lack proper home trainning… Almajiri wey de call em self rapper.

  14. Hello people.get a life nigeria is jagajaga period
    A crude oil exporting country buying refined crude is it not jagajaga
    A country where universites go on strike every now aand then is it not jagajaga
    A country with poor health facilities such that OBJ goes abroad for treatment is it not jagajaga
    A country without steady power supply is not jagajaga etc
    Been to London and nigeria is 100 years behind the world

  15. Idris adisa don’t mind dt useless obj & his loyalists,all d artirousities committed by him when he was our president shall not allow him to end well,bcos Up till now he is still controlling the government to his own personal interest.idris u are patriotic Nigeria .As u call him,he is a real MUGU

  16. The problem wit naija is lack of unity n pretence. Why can’t we b sincere 4 once in our live? Let’s call wat is white ‘white’ n stop being hypocritics.
    As 4 Eedris response its disrespectful but he made a point.

  17. Both of dem are wrong!…why will OBJ as an Elder go on air and make reference to an issue that happened years back?he shud av played a role of a father by forgeting this whole issue. There are other example he can use. Not pin pointing a Eedris….and fore Eedris, u shud av lil respect for elders.OBJ is old enuf to b ur father if not ur grandfather.anyway, we shunt blame him, cos he is a Hausa man..u both should apologize to eachother!

    • The same thing we are talking about. illiteracy is still being displayed in this forum. many people are reacting to Idris based on his name without even knowing anything about him. please visit this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eedris_Abdulkareem to find out that Idris was raised in Kano but his father was from Osun state while his mother was from Ogun state. So he is biologically a Yoruba man born by yoruba parents

  18. Its 9ja nt jagajaga,its pple like obj nd cohorts dt still belif in 9ja so all there loots will be intact. An elder who tied corn to waist his a jester of hen, so why crying 4 obj may God do dis pple life who bilif in 9ja as good as 9ja Amen. If is jagajaga or nt let em shout Amen. Let split d country. Olorun lo ma fi iya to to iya je gbogbo yin

  19. Both of dem are wrong!…why will OBJ as an Elder go on air and make reference to an issue that happened years back?he shud av played a role of a father by forgeting this whole issue. There are other example he can use. Not pin pointing Eedris….and fore Eedris, u shud av lil respect for elders.OBJ is old enuf to b ur father if not ur grandfather.anyway, we shouldn’t blame him, cos he is a Hausa man..u both should apologize to eachother!

  20. Edris has hitten d nail in d head ,Naija jagajaga 4 sure , prof w soyinka said we are in d state of societal decay, everyday bomb blast in diff corner ,those shady politicians who laund our trillions nd go skot free ,those who are supporting obj are ppl of low IQ ,fools, i wish i could colaborate my bross edris in JAGA rmx so dat i rap about d thinhs dat r hpning now ,obj should go nd sleep

  21. Some people are been hypocrites here. Eedris is only saying what is in his mind. U guys should tell me how many people were insulted during the time of obasanjo. U guys should answer if the following are not insults.

    1. Packing all our money 2 build his personal farm and asking us 2 shut up.
    2. Supporting an incapable president he brought 2 power to scatter Nigeria more and useless our money.
    3. Saying that we Nigerians dnt bleve in ourselves where innocent souls are been killed in hundreds and nothing is done. I think dis is even d Biggest insult.

    Afterall he started democracy. Where people have the right to say who should hold the power and free 2 say anything 2 d government. Even insults when he deserve it.

    As 4 those who said eedris lacks home training. I belve no 1 will stand and watch his parents insulted. If u will recall wen he released d music on jaga jaga. Obj said dat it was his parents dat were jaga jaga. So b realistic please.

    Former President Obasanjo ruled us twice, first as military head of state(3years) and later as civilian head(8years). When he was leaving the office for the first term, he collided with some fools to enthroned Alhaji Sheu Shagari, under an administration that some thieves looted Nigeria dried. Ota farmer was cooling is head in prison when IBB and his wahala cronies fetched him out and bestowed on him again the affairs of Naija. Baba Iyabo made his divorced daughter, Iyabo a Senator likewise some of his concubines. To rap it all, he forced on us a man with good will but without strength to carry on the good will, this singular act put Nigeria’s affairs into the hand of the worst President ever.
    Below is the analysis of our crude oil by a sound mind;
    1. Crude Oil production/day – 2.5M barrels
    2. Current Price = $113/barrel
    3. Daily Sales = 2.5M x 113 = $282.5million
    4. Monthly Sales = 282.5M x 30days = $8.475billion
    5. Yearly Sales = $8.475billion x 12 = $101.7billion
    6. Naira Equivalent = 101.7billion x #160 = 16.272trillion naira per year.
    7. Nigeria’s budget for 2012 = 4.5trillion naira.
    Now d question is: Where is d surplus going?!
    Analysis by Femi Falana (Lagos lawyer/Activist on Channels Tv).

    In what way is Nigeria not JAGAJAGA?
    Obj joined the surest clicks from tendered age(early 20s), till now he’s still in the right touch, so let him be defending Nigeria status but left for me, Nigeria is more than jagajaga and urgently needs surgical operation.

  23. Idris! Idris!! Idris!!! U dy mad y u no get respect 4 elders OBJ Is our former President he’s nt in power as u can see,if he was in power al dis ar nt supose to hapun.so mr Idris respect ursef n leave OBJ Alone

  24. Let’s nt 4get dat USA was once bad dan nigeria bt the ppl over there av a slogan dat God bless America & now u can see d result, though Naija is somehow bt Naija will b great one day, let say d fact always bt not 2 disrepect elderly ones. one love.

  25. God bless ojare eedris omo gidi, when obj changed nigeria’s farm to his own and tell us not to say “it is jagajaga” btw, wasn’t the song about awareness? Big daddy ape asks us to have a better spirit, hell, we have d best spirits and they’ll run ur accounts down, selfishly ill politicians. Eedris ma man, tell dt poppa what he missed and to all the faggotey ass uncle obasanjo’s cock suckers, when u’r done doing him, u can come kiss my black hairy ass. Haha

  26. please lets stop beating around the bush,wat is the meaning of OFN-operation feed the nation,and somebody from no where change the name and turn it to OFN-obasanjo farm of nigeria,is that person wishing his country well,or the sale of DELTA STATE STEEL COMPANY,how many are we going to count,now because he his no longer in power he’s pretending to be a good man,well eedris abdul kareem,we are with u bcos dats the only way we know whats goin on in this country of ours tru ur songs.CARRY ON .

  27. the f****cking ex-president they talk shit im self has used is fucking habit to spoil our country bcs most our political they follow is step EEDRIS ABDULKAREEM AJENIFUJA don’t mind the mutherfucking ex-president and that are talking shit think before posting EEDRIS don’t mind them cos nigeria na your baba God we dey beg o bomb blasting blast every where Innocent people dey

  28. na wao!i dnt know dat we stil av some fools in 9ja.bomb blast everyday,we all disagree wen a ltter of raise to 93.now,it is 110.where are we going?dat is a simple question 4 dose who are saying rubbish to brother edris,he stoodup and let people knw wht is going on in d country.i neva knew charlse taylor live n enjoy here in d country a mafia n a crimial 4 dat matter obj was aware of dat.no enough food 4 man to chop.obj dey build multi million naira library 4 ogun state.na dat we won chop,no common sense at all.thks to edris 4 speaking 4 we hungry 9jerians.the kind people dat can rule us in dis country are d ACN govnrs,pat utomi,pastor tunde bakare,femi falana,edris abdul karim,buhari,femi kuti.dey ar all human rigth activist.check there profile.

  29. Idris is a very stupid idiot to have disrespect his elder, y did he like making name thru controversy? hw on hell will he called obj mugu, am sure he never grow up to knw his father, he is a bastard! he shld sing song that promote our culture, his song shl be educative like Tuface, Only Me, not casting aspersion on elders. we r all achitect of Nigeria backwardness one way or the other, let he check inwardly he will see where he has contributed to downfall of Nigeria.he is corrupt , someone that lack public manner, …..50cent sagger! wat obj did to nija in positive, idris 20 generations to come cant match it, or where is his father’s contribition only he he knws him. Bastard! idris u r the mugu

  30. @Idris,u are d worst among all bad musician in nigeria.what did u achieve as a musician all ur lyrics are wacked,u lack d quality of a leader,entertainer,activist and even a musician,go and smoke w@ u love smoking.rugged man,mi,ice prince and host of others are making waves but u are just a pin in d ass to Nigeria.go get some attitude training b4 u make a track or even speak.

  31. I think some comments are on ethnic sentiment. Especially those that are siding Mr. Ex PDT… Tell me how Nigeria is not JAGAJAGA, if a whole president could become incest. I dey laugh ooo


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