Why I sent Stephanie Packing’ – Rev Chris Okotie

In a rather long interview made short, Rev. Chris Okotie finally explains his reason for letting go his wife Stephanie Henshaw in June this year. He finally decided to address the issue through City Magazine, who came in through one of the ministers of the Church. This is what went down in the interview:

Rev Grace Paul: A blind person knows that my pastor loved his wife, Stephanie, passionately. This year before the separation, he had taken her out of the country at least three times to different places like Dubai, US and so on. He loved her, so did the congregation but the bible says that two cannot walk together except they agree. In the establishment of the kingdom of God, the rules change because the rules are made by God and not by man. So, it didn’t have to do with what pastor wanted to do, because left to him, his love will keep him struggling and going at it but if God gives him instruction he has to follow it through.

City People: If I get you correctly, it was Jesus instructions for Pastor Chris to part ways with Stephanie?
Rev Grace: Let me give you a precedent. In the bible, there’s a queen called Queen Vershti of Persia. The king invited his wife and said – come woman, I want to show you off to my people and the woman had an attitude. She had pride issues. It was at that point she said to the king “Excuse me, I am making up, how can you be humiliating me by telling me to come and sit down so that people can be looking at me.” So she refused and the people of the kingdom rose up against her, and they said the king must let her go, and that was how Esther came in. That is the principle of The Kingdom. In the two cases of my pastor’s former wives, it was an abdication of roles. One was a physical abdication, and the other was a spiritual abdication. In the matters of the Kingdom of God, when you abdicate your position, your position will be taken over, because the calling my pastor has, he is not called to work alone 

CP: In Stephanie’s case, was it a case of spiritual or physical abdication?
Rev Grace: Her case was spiritual abdication, but either ways it amounts to the same thing, because the scripture states clearly that if unbelieving departs, let him depart, you are not bound.

CP: Any efforts to patch things up? 
Rev Grace: Spiritual things can not be patched up. When there are two people who are not the same kind, it is not a matter of patching up.

CP: So is the congregation happy that the pastor is single again and is there any plans to replace Stephanie?
Rev Grace: The congregation is not in the position to replace Stephanie. My pastor is a full grown man, and he knows what he’s doing. In the case of our pastor’s first wife, she insisted that where she wanted to do her church work was in the US. As for Stephanie, I cannot be intruding. As much as I am authorised to do what I am doing, I can’t disrespect my pastor and Stephanie. If I begin to give you some details, they would amount to disrespect. My pastor has insisted that they want to keep it private.

CP: Pastor Chris once said that the instruction to marry Stephanie was from God
Rev Grace: If you know my pastor, he is a passionate person. They had a long time relationship before they got married. My pastor is particularly careful about beautiful women because he knows that the devil desires them. So when a beautiful woman has issues in church, he ministers to them, and because he does that, people jump to the conclusion that he sleeps with them, which is not true. Just like Queen Ure, pastor has never had an affair with her, will never have an affair with her because they are not of the same kind. Ure was pastoring her own church, until she became bored.”


  1. What kind of spiritual role model is pastor Chris? One minute the lady was Gods choice for him to wife,the next minute God is telling him to put her aside. We know there is no contradiction in God’s word.
    Moreover,if a man of God of His statue has found it so convenient to run out of two wedlocks already,how do we then counsel young couples to stick together for bbetter for worse ,no matter the odds?

  2. I think d so called Rev Grace has a problem, using queen vasti of persia as an example is rediculous, dat event happened befor d first advent of our lord & savior Jesus, marriage shud be for beta for worst, atleast for a pastor who is expected to be a role model. I don’t want to beliv dat all pastors are d same, not in position to judge pastor Chris either, but for God sake, lets avoid all of dis temptations so as not to make a mess of or proffession…avoiding d question of pastor Chris hearing from God befor marrying Stephnie is anoda. For christ sake, lets be real, d world is watching.

  3. Jesus clearly states in the bible at Mat19:3-6″He who divorces his wife except on the ground of fornication,commits adultery..what God has joined together let no man put asunder”.It is obvious that this so called Pastor Grace is one of the women that have put Pastor Chris’ marriage asunder.Pastor Chris himself is an embarrassment to Christianity because he shows such great ignorance and disregard for the bible.By the way,why cant he bear children?He was only swayed by Stephanie’s beautiful body.Now that he is tired he has dumped her for Pastor Grace who is not as beautiful and to prepare the congregation for a less stunning woman like Stephanie,they are told”he is careful about beautiful women!”.False Prophets in the last days! I Tim 3:1-5.

  4. People are just playing games with God.Using God’s name and His principles to actualize their wordly motives.Christianity has been in a serious state of degradation for many centuries and this degredation is on the increase in these last days.The Devil crept into the church making mess of it.Christianity has now become like a big tree as given in the parable of the mustard seed(parable of the kingdom) that cannot produce fruit to satisfy both God and man.All you see today is enterprise where different evil persons come to do whatever they like.There is no difference between christians and the people of the world, what a pitiful situation.Today people celebrate themselves,given what is due to God to men.Let me also say something,the people the world celebrate are not the ones heaven recognise.Many people will be surprise that the people the world celebrate are not celebrated by God.

  5. He should go and face his politics to me o his not a pastor…or maybe he has gone far from biblical principle his action is of end time cruse, and for that so called Rev Grace she should be careful she is just using d word of God anyhow….

  6. i qoute”Rev Grace: Spiritual things can not be patched up”…… this is not true, spiritual things can be patched up. i wonder if he is realy a pastor. because if he is, he will never Agree that spritual things cannot be patched up. besides marriage is for better for worse. and GOD CANNOT LIE, HE SAID THE MARRIAGE WAS BY GOD, NOW HE IS SAYING It WASNT GOD TALKING. WHO IS HE DECIEVING?

  7. Grace am sure you are crazy. How can you people be easily deceived?. The man Cris must be a womanizer, emergine two wives, for someone that calls himself a man of God; whereas the Bible instructs that its only on matter of infidelity can a man divorce the wife. All those taht are still loyal to Cris I think need to visit the psychiatric hospital. For me Cris is never a man of the God am serving. He should copy from the likes of Fr Ejike Mbaka. The other day he came out to campaign for presidency, what an arrant nonsence. Tell Cris that I said he should go and perish in hell with his ancestors.

  8. Rev Grace or whatever u call urself,u’r a blasphemer!! How can u say all dis tinzz nd still think u’r on Gods side? Gosh… See wat u nd ur likes,Chris nd co (i can’t refer to dat psycho as a pastor) have turned christianity into. I won’t be surprised if u happen to be wife number three. U should be ashamed of urself,i wish a picture of u was put alongside dis story!! As for Chris,may Gods wrath come down heavyly on him for deceiving his people and leading many astray.

  9. let’s not be too brisk in judging others so that our heavenly father may not judge us in a hurry. it is really not feasible for a man of God to contradict himself and the word of God as well. St. Paul tells us that a man shouldn’t be polygamous but my question is where would PST. Chris put his face when he wants to preach it. i don’t even know how a love musician because the kind of music he was into is no longer invoke, moves to the next lucrative job, pastoring and since that one is fading out, he wants to go into the next – politics -. was that how he was going to lead Nigeria? divorce us as soon as he gets bored with us. he can’t manage one woman and wants to manage a country. how touching. like i said do not judge i just said it with an open mind

  10. my God is not d author of confusn.bcs we r in d endtime sm unfundamental xtian teachngs r bcming d norm.let me opine in line wit undilutd godly principles dat, unda NO CONDITION shud u div ur wife. U cn only do dat if u r nt yet marid ad she z guilty f forncatn ‘during courtshp’ nt adultery mat19:3-6

  11. Hmmm,Christianity is one big CIRCUS,and nothing but a grand extension of the European idolatory principles and practises,emburdened upon us the era of colonisation,so am not surprised,and he’s not the only so called ‘man of God’ engaging himself in things dat contradict what they preach as a matter of fact they all do.their arrogance is no better than those of the SENATORS in the ‘house of thieves’..

  12. Thank God its d xtians that are speaking here,… Do read d bible. They hav tampered with it, GOD of Jesus does not give contradictory statement as laws in his books, we are d one bending rules n statements 2 suite our lustful desires and whimps… If polygamy had been christianically embraced dis confusion could hav been put 2 rest… (As we all agree, MAN IS BY NATURE POLYGAMOUS). Nature cant b defeated no matter what… Female outnumbers Male by the way nature has it… Other women cant b left as an object of ”turn-over”… Theres more 2 a marriage failure dan can be PUBLICLY SHARED…FULL FINAL STOP. OPEN UR MIND N FIND D TRUE WAY 2 LIFES BIZZARE ISSUES.

  13. @doctore…u ar a complete idiot, n am being polite…
    Hw dare u say such abt Christianity…I dnt care wt or who u bliv in but u hv NO right wtsoeva 2 say such abt d way and religion of God/Christ..
    U’r 1 of those shallow-minded extremists..
    I pray God arrests n open ur eyes of understanding so u can c d pit u’r presenting wallowing in.
    D fact dat 1(evn som) ar going contrary 2 d way of God, or twisting God’s word 4 their own devlish and selfish reasn does not mean the way doznt exist…
    N jst b4 u begin 2 remove d speck in their eyes, do well 2 tk out d log in yours 1st…

    • Hey, Doctore is right and it’s u that needs enlightenment,if you truely read and understand your bible……by yourself….not what your pastor has been brainwashed to teach you….you will see that most of Gods laws are being violated by christians, probably under the guise of “GRACE” which is the biggest excuse pastors like Chris Okotie and friends to persuade xtians to live in perpetual sin. You also need to study religious history so that you can understand the origin of most of what you practise as a christian today. I’m sure if you are truth loving and part of the Elect….you will re-arrange your believes, but if you are the regular one( like the type Jesus said will be deceived) you will stay the same way u’ve been. It’s unfortunate that we were born into the antichrist period of things, but we dont have to remain deceived…..Rome, through the Catholic church offered us an alternate form of christianity, under which Gods holy days where substituted for the Idol worship days (Changed the Sabbath to Sun God Day i.e Sunday) i know the argument is that it doesnt matter which day, if so…God wouldnt have specified…He would have just said..”worship me at ur convenience” Made the whole world celebrate the Sun God Anniversary, 25th December in the guise of celebrating the birth of christ, made the world celebrate easter sunday as the resurrection of christ, when it is mathematically incorrect, if christ was killed on friday afternoon and he was dead for 3 days…….monday afternoon would have been the appropriate time for him to resurrect, but they re-engineered it to be Sunday, so they can make you worship their Sun God again! The pope as taken over the sin forgiving rights of God……remember the bible said the anti christ will want to stand in the place of God. They cancelled the Passover……an express biblical instruction we were given and substituted it with easter…….the list is endless…. but be careful, research more, dont believe the bullshit that you shouldnt read any other book but the bible…..that was a ploy they used to cover up their conspiracy, so you will be kept in the dark, and forget all the crap you have been taught about xtianity……put up your bible and pray that the Holy spirit come and interprete it to you……you will be shocked at the revelations you will be getting……i gotta go…God bless you!

    • I also forgot to add……they made the Cross the symbol of xtianity, something they used to sacrifice rebels to their sun god…..the same thing they killed christ on……probably as a sign of their triumph over the true gospel of christ…who knows? Think about it

  14. There is more that meets the eye in a divorce case, but chris as a pastor you should know that God is against divorce. Plus, what is wrong with being beautiful. Most women want to be beautiful these days so what is wrong with it. How do u mean by spiritual problems! Africans are so twisted that when things aren’t going as planned to blame innocent people. As for pastor grace, I can see you want to be wife no 3. Remember the bulala they used in flogging wife 1 and wife 2 will double in ur case. Urs will be a clear case of psychatric problem not spiritual. Useless woman!

  15. If people who call themselves men of God can have this principle then we are in trouble This is a new gospel called ” the gospel of abdication” by Chris Okotie. The funny thing is that every Sunday people go to these churches, give these guys their money and convince themselves that they are giving it to God.

  16. “A blind person knows that my pastor loved his wife, Stephanie,
    passionately. This year before the separation, he had taken her out of the country at least three times to different places like Dubai, US and so on. He loved her” is this your own definition of love?

  17. I’m nt suporting rev. Chris anyway bt I have to tell every one dat we have just men dat may not want to expose the wrongs of dia partner even though the dnt want to marry again an example is joseph the earthly father of Jesus. Nd take note jesus during his teaching abt divorce gave criteria to divorce ur wife. Nd we dnt knw wat d lady have done dat mad rev. Chris decide to part wit her. So let’s nt jump into conclusion nd dnt judge a man of God cos u r nt the one dat called him and unto God he falleth I he fall and unto he standeth if he stands.
    And most ppl r dyin in ignorance and keep qouting the bible. The bible said if an unbeliever goes the rightoeus is not bound. African are stil primitiv in understading wat the bible says abt marriage anyway.

  18. No matter what your wife does, there is still a room for forgiveness if truly you love her. As for the issue at hand, I believe satan is a work in that home, and the so called Past. Chris is not discerning enough to know this. I corinthians 2: 14. Please Christian bodies all over the world should lift people like this in prayer because I believe satan is going gaga into the churches dis days to deceive the so called uncareful pastors and church members, please lift in up in prayers so that the veil in his eyes will be remove.

  19. To all viewers and readers,you shouldn’t all be surprise at what is going on about churches and the so called pastors;
    This is just to let you all know that the end time is here,for the bible says’ watch out that no-one deceives you.for many will come in my name,claiming’I am the Christ’and will deceive many.And again,in another it says,For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs & miracles to deceive even the elect._if that were possible'(matt.24:4&24).Let’s prepare 4 judgment!

  20. How dare she lie against God! The word of God is clear on divorce and he used God to lie. That was how he said God said he will be the president of Nigeria and up till today we are still waiting. Every word that God speaks is sure by now his members should have tested him!

  21. I taught i read somewhere in the bible that a man should marry only one wife? So what is he then preaching. God! Have mercy on us o christainity has been turned upside down. Where is for better and for worst thrown to.

  22. Very big shame to those of you who use the name of GOD with disrespect, you are end time pastors, how and what would you preach to the congregation, what would you tell the world. A man of God jumping from one woman to another, without a wife but with shameful divorce, yet some demon infected and spiritually blinded self-made reverend are defending them. This is practically out of world and out of the scripture.
    At one time you were directed by God in heaven to marry a particular woman as your God given wife and at second time you were directed by God to divorce her because she is not your wife, this has happened at two separate occasions. This is a shame to Christianity, this is actually not the biblical standard as far as the holy bible is concerned, what about God telling you to contest and rule Nigeria as the president of the federal republic of Nigeria with automatic assure to be at the seat of power to govern the nation, yet you have been on the race of three consecutive times without any tangible result to show for it. Please pastor Okotie, Stop using the name of God with disrespect, you are setting a very bad example to the youths of Nigeria in particular and youths of the world in general. I wonder how you still have some congregation blindly and sheepishly following you, making your so-called temple of God a disco dancing hall. Please self-acclaimed Rev Grace and your so called pastor Chris OKotie should stop using the name of GOD ALL MIGHTY in vain because the wrath of God will never fail to fall heavily on you. YOU END TIME PASTORS.

  23. Rev. Grace, plz go back to study your bible very well, the only condition i saw in the bible for husband and wife to BE separated is for the case of fornication which u most provide 4 witness. SO all you hv said is called defense and very disappointed in you.

  24. Pastor pastor,ride on pastor,wldone gidi gan an. If u’r 1 of his church member n u’r going 2 heaven u beta leave dat church. I’m afraid of him a pastor 4 dat matter counting wives like 1 2 3 turning d bible upside down,lying against God. Lo n bhold nobody spoke against u here judge u bt only reminding u wat d bible says abt divorce.

  25. Marriage is honorable by God,but founicators and adulterers God will judge them all,if a man of God that knws the word of God,and carried the fire of the holy ghost is behaving like this how then can he concil a member frm his church when there is an issue like this? I guess there will be so much divorce his church. Before u took ur wife to the altar ,u made a vow to each other to love an Cherish till death do u part. That oath u took before the lord,u can’t just break cos God hate divorce ooooooooooooo,let us not invite the riot and the anger of God in our lives.the people wit u dont they understand their word of God any more? Anyway when blind man lead blind man they wil both fall into the pit.run away frm the coordination that is coming soon.GOD HATE DIVORCE OOOOOOOOOOO be warned

  26. Now that he is no longer with his wife and he had let go some of the Congregation is having Marital problems, Now pastor what will you do to make the Marriage Stand? They will be Like Pastor like Congregation as there will not be anyone to advise each other.

  27. I pity you. May God judge u people using His name to accomplish ur randy natures. Exchanging women like clothes? What example will he leave for the memebers?? Like i said bfore, no matter how u try to justify sin and evil, misquoting, misinterpreting misapplying the word of God, God’s standard will never change. Marraige is till death!!!

  28. nt ur [email protected],d bible alrdy has warnd us 2b bware of pple dat wl cl hs name nd dcv many.dia pastor,open 2 ur book of corntians7.thus read;if u ur wife belivet nt,do nt put her away vrs versa,4dia children ar holy tru d sanctified husbd or wife.readin further,’IF A MAN PUTETH AWAY HS WIFE ND MARIETH ANOTHER, COMMITD ADULTRY ND IF A WOMAN IS PUTETH AWAY BY HER HUSBND AND MARIETH ANDA COMITD ADULTRY’U AR AN ADULTERER PASTOR OKOTIE!u arnt doin d wil of God but d wl of ur satisfaction.

  29. You all are talking abt christianity like you know it all. You have said all kinds of insult towards this pastor but remember touch not my annoited and do my prophet no arm but yet you have mudered him with just the words of your mouth. He is a man like you and is also on the journey to knowing and understanding God. Do you know God or you just know things abt him. You all talking falsely and insulting this pastor is that what JESUS wld do and you say you are a christian but look at how with just a few sentences you have killed a man. Who is fake now. You are judging another man without removing the log out of your own eyes. If it is easy why dnt you become a pastor ?, if you are so righteous why didnt God pick you to lead his people? If you have a better judgement why aren’t a pastor ? I have read all your comment none of you have said anything that proves you are a christian. The spirit of God does not condem or judge his people, its only lucifer that does that .so you need to check yourselfs out and know what spirit dwells in you. You are not ashamed of yourselfs , just listen to yourself condem a pastor, who sent you message is it God. Tell me if JESUS were to be right in front of you now wld you boldly say these things and insult and condeme a pastor? I’m sure most of you will pretend and keep shot and act like you are good but guess what jesus sees it all , he knows your heart… You know this within you that there are times that you thought you heard the spirit of God tell you something but at the end of the day it was just you or the devil talking to yourself. It takes time and constant practice to really know the voice of God and yes we are all man and he is a man he can make a mistake just like you do but b4 he realised it was too late already. So why are you falsely condemning him and insulting him.God loves each and every one of us equally. If you are willing he’s gonna use you. With all the comments you left above is that what a christian should do? Is that what your own pastors teaches you to do ? Is this how you treat people who make mistakes? Are you a christian? Are you really a christian? If the example you have just shown is what christianity is all abt to you then you shld change it. Some of you even went as far as asking praying wicked prayers and curses, which God is gonna answer that prayer ? Tell me ? I do not blame you and i am not here to insult any one or support anyone but you have made a terrible mistake and i hope you can see it .Yes he is a pastor but he is a man like you. He preaches the Bible like no other man. He is confident and everytime he talks abt JESUS he reveals something new abt him that you never knew.i know that some people will still leave nasty comments to me and still insult him but i put this question to you. HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN SHOULD BE THE FIRST TO CAST THE STONES. I hope everyone gets to read this and put and end to all this nasty comment, curses and insults once and for all .Fix your own life b4 you try to condem and fix another’s. I am sure if your life was to be public you wldnt be so proud of it and if everyone was like you cursing and insulting you wld spend every single minute of your life in total sadness. Thats the amazing part, he is a strong man and he still keeps doing his work and he is still saving lives and putting the devil to shame. How many souls have you won this weeks? let me make it easier, how manu souls have you won for God your entire life? How many Good have you done ? How many people have you given hope too ? How many people look up to you as a mentor ? How many times do you pray for other people? How many times do you pray for your country ? How many things have you done to prove your loyalty to JESUS? You think it is by looking for the fault in other people . I put it to all of you, NONE of you can say anything wrong abt his preaching. Its just a pity that you are allowing yourselfs to be tools for devil to use to try and bring the pastor down emotionally since he has tried so many times to destroy him physically but has failed. Cant you see what he is making you do? i am not here to judge you but to help you put your head back in line and do the right thing as christians. Instead if you to pray for him and ask God to help him make the right decisions you are condemning him. Yes he is a pastor and has to set examples but he is also a man, but you too have to set examples to others , you are a pastor in your own way and someone somewhere is watching you and looking up to you ? Is this the example you wanna lay down to ? To insult and condemn others ? Tell me !!? Who will condemn you then for condemning anothers?? Irrespective of what he has done , it is your duty to pray for him and support him even if you think he is a lair or he is not your pastor but he is a pastor, thats what a christian should be. If you can treat a pastor like this , i wonder how you wld treat an unbeliever. You condemn a pastor but yet you eat and live with unbelivers. You even live their life styes. David wasnt a perfect man but still it is recorded that he was a man afrer God’s own heart. How can you all not know the basic things abt God and the bible, how can you be so blind, or have you forgotten what happened to davids wife making mockery of him. All the pain and suffering and the shame and disgrace JESUS endured for us he never for one-day condemned us instead he prayed for us .this pastor has never ever condemned or insult anyone amongst all the curses you have reigned on him he will still pray for you cos he is a pastor so pls tell me now who is a better christian ? I do not know this pastor, but to what i have read so far i have to correct you all and tell you to do the right thing. Remember this JESUS is watching you, what you do and what you say ? And on the last day only you and you alone wld account for all your doings.