Wizkid Hits Back At UK-Based Nigerian Rapper

He is the rave of the moment and has been over the news for his award-winning songs, but lately Ayodele Balogun popularly known as Wizkid has been in the news for not-so-good acts. Just recently, news of a beef between him and Davido was everywhere. He took it a step further with another artist. The 24-year-old superstar went over the edge and blew up in anger as he did some days back, while reacting to comments made by a UK based Nigerian singer, Fresh L.

Ladi Lanre, Fresh L, a guy reputed to have recorded over 300 songs with a first solo ‘Refresh’ is said to have taken a swipe at Wizkid for winning ‘Artist of the Year’ and ‘Best Album of the Year’ at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards held in New York, United States last weekend.

Speaking on the issue, Fresh L said Wizkid was “undeserving” of the awards. This got on the wrong side of Wizkid, though known for his calmness and self control, that he took to Twitter to hit back at Fresh L “Fuck that nigga Fresh L, his crew, Label, management and everyone else that lied to him about his wack ass career” and obviously refusing to be restrained he added “Sorry my people…..y’all know I’m not like this….but fuck the nigga still!!!…moving on.. How are you guys doing today? Who is Fresh L?***some wack nigga I just made famous with one tweet!”

For what it’s worth, the reception of fans to Wizkid’s performance both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria shows he’s well loved by his fans. He may be undeserving of awards to Fresh L, but the dude has worked hard to be where he is today.


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