10 Lag buses seized in Ota, after Fashola impounds vehicles from Obasanjo’s farms

Since last weekend, about 10 LAG buses belonging to the Lagos State Government have been impounded in Ota, Ogun State and packed in Obasanjo Farms in retaliation over the confiscation of a utility vehicle last Friday belonging to Obasanjo Farms owned by the former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

THE CITIZEN gathered that the vehicle belonging to Obasanjo Farms was seized by the officials of Lagos State Transport Management Agency (LASTMA) for contravening traffic law and after Obasanjo’s efforts failed to get the vehicle released, his company allegedly instigated some miscreants to forcefully seize over 10 LAG buses that crossed the Lagos-Ogun boundary in Ota.

THE CITIZEN was reliably informed that the Governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Fashola turned down Obasanjo’s pleas for the release of his vehicle but instead advised him that his company should obey the law.

It was also gathered that following the alleged seizure of the LAG buses, the management of the bus company has halted all further operations to Ota axis until further notice.

However, efforts to reach LAGBUS Managing Director, Mr. Babatunde Disu proved abortive.




Source: The Citizen


  • its rather funny how Nigerians think because i simply can not see any reasonable law in the state that fail to recognize the dignity and value to human life and existence.A kind of law that fail to ensure equality of all and a law that is preferential depending on whom you know and how connected you are to the power that be and a kind of law where the executor are the first culprit going against the law they are meant to defend and a kind of law where the executor use his discretion to improve his financial status using the backup of the state.I am just wondering whether other common men or less privileged are non human or non Nigerians that must be used as sacred cow to proof the serious wrong governmental policies that have crippled able to disable.A law that feel western understanding without a local understanding years of misrule and corruption that led to disability of many able men and women.Now Obasanjo and the law of the state but imagine the common okada rider and the law they seems to be a different law entirely.it fail to persecute the later but the common men are been ripped off there daily means of living and no replacement.We are all Nigerian and the common okada rider are not the one who destroy this country but victim of aged misrule and corrupt governance.Cant someone think of what will happen to those whom there daily means of living are withdrawn with no means to live.IF you are well off remember not many are.Good humanly oriented ruler will think of alternative before embarking on a particular law that would take away your means of living.Reason deep and understand your country very well that for years the law has always been asking for more in terms of money and not in terms human development but human degradation.How many administration have we witness in this country and simply point any meaningful project that have improved the lot of the people.I guess they will need more security to cope with the idle handle hands they are creating on daily basis.

  • @yunusa,you are very stupid and idiot to have insulated obasanjo cos excesses of ur gov fasola.are u not in lagos?go and see what pple are passing through cos of lousy policies from ur gov,u and ur gov are idiot.if nobody is above d law,why cant ur gov use his power to collect brt buses.i really praise Obasanjo for the retaliation.useless governor

  • I want a Nigerian Government to start paying salaries to Every Citizens of nigeria Once in a month through our inheritans { OUR OIL}

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