14 People Killed in Early Morning Attack in Jos

14 people were brutally murdered by suspected herdsmen on Wednesday morning in Riyom Local Government Area of Plateau state.

The assailants reports say raided three villages in the early hours of Wednesday, armed with dangerous weapons while the villagers were still asleep; killing and destroying their properties.

According to reports, the attack came following an incident on Tuesday in which three people were killed in neighbouring Barkin Ladi Local Government Area.

Speaking on the attack, representative of Barkin Ladi/Riyom federal constituency in the House of Representatives, Mr Simon Mwadkom said four members of a family were shot at close range in Dallyam village, in Tahoss district and several others were injured.

During the attack however, another set of terrorists killed eight people in Ranghol in Sopp ward of the local government, and another two were murdered in Lotton village of the same local government.

Mwadkom accused Fulani herdsmen for the attacks which were well organized and executed simultaneously in the three affected villages.

Public Relations Officer of the Plateau State Police command, DSP Emmanuel Abuh confirmed the attack. He however said only six people were killed in the attack.


  1. The Federal Government is obviously incapable of defending itself as well as its people. Defend yourself and defend the government. In the court of law, you need to prove and defend yourself. A secure community can only secure the unsecure, Hence, if the FG had found any community so secure and peaceful, it would have taken over the place for administrative base and discharge .I don’t think the incompetent husband would not be henpecked by his brilliant and economically stable wife . Safe and sane it is to ask :What are the joint efforts by the affected villages to ward off the practised steps of the suspected or common Fulani attacks ? In this situation, no one should be passive. Do your best to defend yourselves

  2. I think i kinda agree with CB.If everybody own a gun,pple like politicians,boko-haram sect,fulani herds men,unknown gun men, agbero’s and thiefs won’t have 2 loot or money any how,bomb n shoot randomly,butcher pple and disposess us of our belongings.

  3. My dear don’t you think if everybody own a gun there will be a state of anarchy? The thing is that these killings is now a sort of an Avenue for making money. Because I see no reasons why the killing of people particularly in those LGA can not be curb once and for all.