Adewale Ayuba Beaten up for Arriving at Performance Venue Late

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Foremost Fuji singer, Adewale Ayuba got more than what he bargained for today when he was allegedly beaten to stupor by Mopol for attending a party a which he was billed to perform late.

According to, reports emerging from the ancient city that the top Ibadan socialite who engaged Adewale to perform got his Mobile Police to teach him a lesson about punctuality.

As the Bonsue Fuji Crooner stepped into the venue, he was apprehended by the Mopol and beaten blue black but for the guests who pleaded on his behalf, he would have been lynched.

Meanwhile, it is yet to be confirmed if he eventually performed or not.

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  1. Well,it is no news that Nigerians don’t go to courts,they prefer to take laws into their hands. If Ayuba breach the contract in that e arrived late,why not engage him in a law suits rather than beating the responsible young talented man. I think it is high time responsible artistes stopped singing praises of the riff raff in Well,it is no news that Nigerians don’t go to courts,they prefer to take laws into their hands. If Ayuba breach the contract in that he arrived late,why not engage him in a law suits rather than beating the responsible young talented man. I think it is high time responsible artistes stopped singing praises of the riff raff in Niger in the name of money

  2. This is absolutely a foolish act, they should be sue to court. Are they ignorance of 9ja trafic road. Whats the need of taking d law into their hand, why not deduct his pay? Instead of this.

  3. Yes Nigerians like taking laws into dia hands I agree. But Nigerians also are also selfish and dnt av conscience. How will pay for services and u dnt get it delivered @ d stipulated time? Dis muscians especially r guilty of it. They want everyone to notice dia arrival which is crazy even some caterers wnt be @ d event venue until it starts and d ones dat will make it will deliever half of wot they were paid for. Somebody mentioned bad roads if u were going for an important interview or going to defend a contract proposal wnt u consider traffic and leave ur station early. He is a musician and his band should be der early to sound check even if he doesn’t av to be der and want to spring d surprise. Be around as in close to d venue. Anyway am sorry for him but I hope odas av learnt too. Nigerians like force and wen u deal with them with force they sit up cos they knw a court arrangement is slow. SORRY AFRICAN MICHEAL JACKSON. Hope u learnt

    • U are not a good person.if u have somebody like him in your family u won’t. Have talked like dat. Its not by force to comment on a post. It u in his shoe I believe u might not even come pls think before u comment.

  4. For them to have done that to that very gentleman! I think they might have wanted to dealt with him for long not that he came late. It must be a planned disgrace for him. Some outing is mean for thurg musician.

  5. Wht a mess a blody mopol beating up an educated musician, those who can not feed their family wit mere salary beating up a bread winer God go punishe them. Imagin a beger beating a giver wht a mees.

  6. A word of advice to all young men planning to get married; avoid girls or ladies that come from military/police homes as these ones are always trouble. Be rest assured that its only a matter of time before she trys to control you and threaten you with her military/police relations if yÓu don’t act or do the things she desires of you. Its better for military/police families to marry themselves. In Nigeria once somebody is a uniformed person, he/she uses it as an excuse to intimidate others and where it happens in marriage circles then they will control the marriage with it while threatning to deal with the other party at the slightest provocation.

  7. All these governors are just useless idiots that are power drunk. Ayuba u sef level up don’t sing for these illiterates with pot belle they aint worth it at all.

  8. Wrong to arrive late. Wrong to be beaten up. Wrong not to sue… It’s all wrong.

    Nevertheless, artistes however big should have a PA who would inform clients of any reason to arrive late at a venue of performance.

    Sorry sir Adewale Ayuba.

  9. it sound so sad, how can a popular man of fujisian singer be in a disgrace mood by such Mopolistic men, they have to listen to him first before taken any negative decession to him… Infact am not happy for that.

    • So SAD….to heard dis Sh**T. ..Anyway, jst a Big Lesson to All Our Super Star Musician to get Atleast 4 Strong BODY GUARDS…Go to Western Country…Imagin Little BOW..lil Wayne…etc. All hav dere GUARDS…………God Go PUNISH ALL D IBADAN socialite n dere Entire Family. Amen. Sowi..My Bro. Return dere Blood Money…Hiss

  10. First we should try and get our facts right. This website that reported the incident couldn’t even get a picture of AYUBA at the said party. If he was beaten to stupor as said, how come he was able to play? I was at the party and yes he arrived late, but he wasn’t beaten up. The security at the party were predominantly private Guards. He was delayed before performing and after apologizing he performed to the delight of all present. So please stop saying what is not TRUE. AYUBA is a gentleman more than what we could say about some musicians and politicians

  11. Its obvious that the human right commission is dead alive in this part of the men are like dogs to their owner. Its whatever the owner commands.( He is the one feeding them). One day we will have no space to accommodate the planty plenty nonsense in this country and africa @ large. Sowie mr Ayuba( mr bobu).

  12. Am not all dt surprised cos there are educated ilitrate. Nevertheless it is a dirty slap on Nigeria as we all know dt ‘Mr. Johnson’ is an international figure and Us citizen for dt matter. Power currupt, absolute power currupt absolutely

  13. You people are just beating about the bush of something not really happened. The musician in-question denied the fact that he was beating up my the said angry mopol for coming late to perform for an occasion he was contracted. The publication and the public comments has caused the artist so much embarrassment on his personality. So please, confirm your fact before making your opinions and/or comments, thank you.


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