After Uniport Students Rampage, Aluu Community Counts Its Losses

The people of Omuokiri Aluu Community have begun to count their losses barely 24 hours after students from the University of Port Harcourt embarked on reprisals to avenge the killings of their colleagues.

The angry students had on Tuesday stormed the community, burnt some houses, cars and other property over the torture and murder of the students on Friday.

Four undergraduates of UNIPORT were lynched by a mob comprising members of the community for allegedly stealing laptop computer and a BlackBerry phone.

The students were Biringa Chiadika of the Theatre Arts Department; Ugonna Obuzor of Geology Department, Mike Toku Llyod of Civil Engineering Department and Tekena Erikena.

When our correspondent visited the community on Wednesday, few of the indigenes were seen bemoaning their losses.

One of the leaders of the community, Sunday Ahanonu, said he had lost all he laboured for to the students’ reprisals.

Ahanonu, whose house was torched by the students, expressed shock that security agents could not stop the rampaging students when they stormed the community.

Sixty-five-year-old Ahanonu and father of 15 children, worked at UNIPORT for 35 years before he retired.

He appealed to the state government and the management of the university to compensate him for the destruction of his property, adding that he and members of his family were not involved in the killings of the students.

Ahanonu said, “I am a retired civil servant. I worked with UNIPORT for 35. But all I have achieved for many years have been destroyed by students from the university. I don’t know where my family and I will lay our heads when my only house has been burnt.

“I lost the sum of N850,000 cash, which I kept in my house. I could not take the money to the bank because I was not feeling okay and went to the hospital. It was at the hospital that I learnt that my house was burnt by the students.”

Also, a woman, who identified herself as Pauline Nwakwo, told our correspondent that she left the village when she learnt that security agents had embarked on mass arrest, but came back to notice that her bar had been burgled.

According to her, the rampaging students forcibly entered her bar and carried away her deep freezer and drinks.

She said, “As a woman, I had to run away when we noticed that the police were embarking on mass arrest. The students broke the door to my bar and took away a deep freezer I bought for N66,000. I want government to pay me back all I have lost.

“The students were killed far from here at the Burrow pit. We don’t know anything about the killings of the students.”

Indigenes of the community were also seen leaving their homes in droves to other places in order to avoid being attacked by the students.

One of them, who gave her name as Comfort, said she was relocating her children to Elele in Rivers State and would only return to Omuokiri Aluu whenever normalcy returns.


  1. God wiℓℓ punish anyone from aluu community tнαt wiℓℓ want compensation compared to four innocent lives taken ғor no reason…. Assuming αм a student in uniporT αм gσnnα start burning more houses,cars, break anyones leg that intervenes.

  2. God wil punish every living soul, bth old and young in dat community 4 taking d smile and joy of those 4 modas. Dy wil neva knw peace. Sorrow and tear wil be their taste 4rm nw on. In jesus name. Amen

  3. Very heartless people talking about conpensations when u all watch future leaders been dehumanized,God go judge una u guyz should be happy dey didnt burn u wit ur house n 15 children n fridge,d presence of uniport in aluu is a waste cos d people r illitrates n lack wisdom,women youths children of aluu where watching dis wicked act as if it were home video dis goes to show dat dey r backward n have very low mentality.

  4. All the aluu community are not human being at all they are heartless, notorious, inhuman i do not even no the name that will match them i wish all the villager’s should be burnt alive so that they will see how it pains to being burnt alive.

  5. You people have the gut to be asking for compensatioin….it will not be well with you and your unborn generation. You shall be compesated with sudden death and hardship….foolish animals

  6. c dem oo…. Una neva start yet, dis na jx genesis n una dey cry, hw una go do wen e enta exodus…. Aluu ppl killd motha n child n dey tink it shal b well wit dm…. Hahaha ds is jx d beginin, dey shall cont 2 eat dier tears

  7. Do u pple really hv conscience? Wht is house 850,000 n 66,000chest freezer compled to d lives of 4 young promising guys? If de goverment shld compasnt u, then who will compasnt de families of those late guys?

  8. aluu community has nt had enough lesson o, the students’ union shuld strategies and make a silent Attack on dat community nd wipe away every male youth there. That will serve as a lesson not only for d aluus but also for any other person/s who will want to take laws into their hands.

  9. That barbaric community should be wipe out of Nigeria. They are now denying their barbaric act. If they claim that they are not among those that carried out the barbaric act, why didn’t they do anything to stop it. Or rather call the police to stop the barbarians. Foolish community of aluuminate, your suffering has only begun. That land is cursed. They are now begging for help and none of them could help those poor students, those poor teenagers. Aluu community will never know peace for their barbarism. Community of FOOLS

  10. Is dis al d stdnts culd destroy?shut dat comunity down….oh i wish,i only wish!!ds studnts fal ma hands.i was expctn d whole community to complain nt just 2 pple…madam freezer,1 studnt’s 100L fee can buld u a bar so kip shut u dnt av a 15 children,who send u?na pesn say mk u born footbal team nd 4 substitutes?she na champions league abi?mtcheeew……R.I.P brothers!ALUTA CONTINUA,VICTORIA ACERTA!

  11. typical aluu/ikwerre attitude, human life is nothing property land house is everything. Now they’re saying their ritual murder that started at 7am was a mistake, a minor issue, they didn’t do kill v aluu4 rather it was v wk of strangers. Their comrades v police have not charged anyone 2 court till now & i suspect in a month’s time aluu murderers will return & plot another ritual frenzy, receive compensation & even awards 4 their diabolical act, wait & see. Cash house & freezer is worth more than human life?! Now v world can c what a diabolical community in wc uniport students have been forced 2 live. Wonder y v cannibals r seeking refuge anywhere they should b quarantined somewhere b4 they infect others with aluuminitis!

  12. Dem get luck say i no dey near dat community wen d reprisal bin happen. Na automatic riffle b d ansa to dat community. Shoot on sight. How dare u compare a human life to material things??? And they are talking of government compensation. Please the government should allow us to compensate dem with another attack. FOOLS !!!!!!!

  13. Una neva c anytn yet.nw al of una don dey deny am abi?itz barely a wik nw since d death of doze cute guys nd al u culd sae z compensate.u beta wake up 4rm ur drim dat can neva cme tru.d studentz 4 don burn una 2 join.rubbish

  14. U pple r very stupid u r talking abt damages wat abt d parent dat gav birth to those guys wat do u tink dy wil do government wil nt gav u pple anytin

  15. Reprasials are common knowledge. But ever since that friday I have ask one question: where were thes very students when for four hours their fellows who they now claim they care about were killed?
    I really nid to kno!

  16. Dammmmmn it! Uniport students una fall ♍Ɣ hand big tym! D cars I saw were not burnt, they kud still be fixed and d houses I saw were still standing. Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh, Ʊ guys shld show ’em hell… Let evrything dat has breath in Aluu bekom history. Aluu~abomination and indeed Ʊ did comitt an abomination! Aluuminati! Tufiakwa! Babarians! Beast of burdens! Beggers! Even ur prayers will be construed as a crime b4 God, there will be non left 2 show ur children and your generation yet unborn mercy! Ʊ are doomed! Aluuuuuuuuu….. Abomination!

  17. compensation my foot.hw can pple be so heartless, u lose property u dey shout, no be over common laptops and bbs dem kill dos innocent cute boys,hen??? so y dem dey will neva be well wit dem. God wl visit der sins on der children till the 10th generation. hw can dey be comparing properties to lives, HABA!!!! o gaa o. wat shuld the parents of d boys say. una neva c anytin o,dis is just d beginning. uniport students ar even nice, der craze neva reach 100%. if na OOU (OSU), greastest OOUITIES, i trust my ppeeps die, dey wl turn d entire aluu community to dust, d residents wl nt c anytin to pick except dust and sand. i call on SUG nationwide, mobilize una selves well and raid that doomed community, mk sure u erase the name -ALUU from earth patapata, #advice#

  18. Na wa 4 dat village, i dont think they are human being, they want gov to compesate them, govement should compesate them only if they bring those boys back to life, heathless people

  19. grtest nigeria student let d aluta continua for orl dose people crying compensatn na death we go use compensate dem orl of dem are beast in dt community

  20. Aluu community members, you people are not only murderers but also thieves and liars! See that man saying he left 850000 at home and he wants govt to compensate him……so he knows what it means to loose valuables..eiyaaaa!

  21. God wl punish any bdy da demand 4 compensation Aluu community u pple hv nat see any fin d student are stl cumin back 4 revengen no peace 4 d wicked. U poeple sheld innocent blood

  22. Aluu people na evn thieves…imagine daat man saying he kpt 850k in hs haus, n he wnts compensation…d bar woman wnts to b compensated too for her fridge where she kips d kparaga she supplied d mobs who got high n took out dat devilish act…Aluu people una neva see anythn…see how una finish fyn boys fa!!! If u r bn affected by d students dat means u hv to check urself cos 1 way or d oda u were involved in d killings….RIP ♍α̲̅ fellow nigerian students, may u all rest in God’s bossom….n I pray ur names r cleared from what dy tagged u people….Aluu people tk hrt, u r onli reaping wat u’ve sown

  23. D pple of Aluu level of calousness is far more worst 2dat of d devils’. Satan is far more holy compare 2 d pple of Aluu.Dat community ought nt 2 exist.It shld be wiped out wit its inhabitant

  24. great unipot student….. pls show Aluu no mercy u guyx are taking it too soft on dem, I expecting more than dis still seeing cars and building standing man not enoff, ALUU should be History by now, cos they showed no mercy while they where killing dose kute student.

  25. I believe say strong man for uniport waiting dey happen na make una still go back to dat village make una destroy any where make will dey hear say strong man done dey pare because I no want make dis village exist any more.

  26. Without pity or mercy they were stripped naked, beaten so bad and lit on fire. . . . Not given the chance to even speak a word. What signs of the end do you wish to see more brothers and sisters. The End of the World is come accept Jesus before it is too late!

  27. This is so pathetic and the most sad story ever heard, all the people involved in this devilish act both woman and man will never see peace and the rest of there generation in the name of Almighty Allah, they will; continue to die like a fow , so be it Amen

  28. When parents are counting their unforgetable lost. Those miscrants are busy gisting about house nd mere deep freezer, that can b replace at any given time and day. They have d mind to beckon on Government to replace their property, If the Government can replace the lost souls, then your properties can be replaced also. Imagine a retired civil harbouring the sum of #850,000 in his house, he’as a criminal record. Also with the policemen, so u can’t protect live anymore ?, this has shown me a lesson never to keep a policeman as a friend. Also with the community chief, he should be left unpurnish, he should be burnt to ashes. Our Government have a long way to go in combating crime, The country is going from bad to worst. May their soul rest in perfect peace, Amen !.

  29. Hmmm! RIP brothers. Dis is not a suprise @ all to me, dat pple r askn Govt to compsent dem, bcoz d end times is here, brodas n sistas repentance is only option! Accept christ while u can!!!!!!

  30. May God punish those Heartless vagabonds i am assuring all Aluu Indegenes.Nemesis will never leave them from Generation to Generation U are cursed Forever IDIOTS!!! CRYING


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