AGN In Disarray As Emeka Ike Allegedly Makes More Trouble For Ibinabo Fiberesima

The body of Nollywood actors known as the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) is racking up more controversy than necessary as actor Emeka Ike has  described as a fraud the just concluded elections of the guild that propped up former beauty queen, Ibinabo Fiberesima as its first female president.

Ibinabo Fiberesima (L) & Emeka Ike (R)

Emeka Ike who has always been at war with members of the guild, is also notorious for his battle with immediate past AGN president Segun Arinze, which saw the end of Segun’s tenure after a botched election in Benin in April 2012.

Now the rabble rouser is at it again and this time the newly sworn president of the AGN, Ibinabo Fiberesima, is his target. Emeka Ike is telling all who care to listen that she cannot be president of the guild.

Ike was alleged to have carried out the arrest the Vice Chairman of the AGN’s BOT (Board of Trustees), Emma Oguguah, who was taken to Zone 2 police headquarters in Lagos.

Speaking to the Vanguard he said, ‘I stormed the venue to arrest Emma Agugua because he was conducting an illegal election. I have a case in court against the leadership of the Guild, until the matter is determined, nobody has the right  to conduct any election under the law.’

A Source revealed that when Ibinabo reached out to Emeka Ike in her capacity as the guild’s president, in the spirit of reconciliation, the actor questioned her right to have contested the elections, alleging she had a manslaughter charge yet to be settled.

It would be recalled that sometime in 2009, Ibinabo Fiberesima was sentenced to five years imprisonment for manslaughter, following the death of a medical doctor, Mr. Suraj Giwa, whom she knocked down while allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol at the time. She was remanded in Kirikiri prisons and the case lingered for sometime before she was let off the hook.

Meanwhile Emeka Ike says he has no intentions of ruling the AGN but ‘will not stand to see it run by people like Emma’, whom he says is corrupt and had been running the guild like his property.



  1. Wow!from the story,emeka Ike is saying something very interesting,my dear Ike there is one thing about fact is that,though u may be holding a fact but its mode of presentation may be poor.please dont let people see it that u ve an ulterior motive over AGN.this whole thing be settled amicably.


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