Aluu 4: Coxson Lelebori, Prime Suspect, in Police Net

Information emerging from the police has revealed that Coxson Lelebori Lucky, one of the prime suspects in the “Aluu 4” killings might have been nabbed.

It will be recalled that the Police had disclosed on Monday that two prime suspects in the gruesome murder of four University of Port Harcourt Students through a mob action were on the run.

The Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar, Tuesday broke the cheering news that the two prime suspects have been arrested in Port Harcourt. Although, the police IG declined to give their names, a statement that emanated from his office on Monday giving an update of investigations into the killings had noted that one Coxson Lelebori Lucky who was the architect of the crises that led to the killing of the students, was on the run and that the Police was on his trail.

If the above information is to be pieced with the declaration of the police boss on Tuesday, all things being equal, then the prime suspect is already in police custody. Nigerians have been clamoring for the arrest and prompt bringing to justice of all those involved in the killing of the students. This would indeed be a welcome development and a thumbs up for the police!

Source: Vanguard


  1. Mr Coxson ur an old man y minglin wit young guyz God wl punished u in ur nxt generation 4 d cry of innocent soulz da u wast u wl neva hav peace in ur life.

  2. so that old man tk money from little boys refused 2 pay set them up & ensured they died in that gruesome fashion? I’m speechless but we need the pix of the other members of the lynch mob so the world can see the faces of those devils. No punishment will b 2 severe 4 them.

  3. Hand him over to the students lynch mob, let him be stripped naked for his old shrinked manhood to dangle hopelessly, I shall personally club him to death and set him ablaze while he is still alive so before he goes to hell he will feel what he made them go tru

  4. I personally also want the guy on check shirt wit de big plank hittin dat poor boy as if he wz killin a giant snake dat wans 2 attack him I wonder hw he slept peacefully dat nite he Shld also b arrested cos he is a cold blooded murder

  5. So that’s d fool,u re a shameless man & a disgrace 2 manhood. U should be made 2 patrol d area of Aluu & Campus road then u will knw how it feels lik & never 2 involve in that kind of mess again in ur entier life. Less I 4get I guess u re a family man,y did u not think abt ur family b4 involving in d act,again u mean as big as u re u never wanted 2 pay back d money u were owning d boy,u re a thief & a muderal,shame on u & ur family. U will never ve rest of mind & sleep in ur life again in Jesus name AMEN. Even God is bitterly angry with those of u that involve in d killing & d Nigeria Polise Force even d so call IG. What A Shame!!!!

  6. I still can’t sleep and wake up dats some part nigeria are full of wicked Evil Act..omg God save these country from insucurity, wat a shame to nigeria police

  7. Coxson yu’r very lucky!!u hav d opportunity 2 choose d kind of death sentence yu want!!!burnin of yur coffin by fellow ciao’s 4 sniffing life outta their brothers!!firin squad by d police!!or angry mob n den u knw wat dat entails..its goin 2 b d whole nigeria on yu,…_useless man!!it will never be well wid yu n yur generation…they will suffer 4 dis fin yu ve done!!and no male child in yur generation will eva exceed 20years neva!!xcpt God is not God and xcpt Lloyd toku wasn’t a member of salvation ministries!!!may the God of david ibiyeomie judge. Yu!!!RIP cus yu are dead alredy

  8. with tears, i cry unto u God 4 justice. How much was he owning d pain is : what is the police waitng 4? Pastors please do not preach 4giveness here coz almigty wld be angry wt u. D only judgement is to lynch whoever has a hand in d killng of dose kids.

  9. I’m surprised that this son of the devil is still alive. I’m sure he is married to someone. I wish that Jesus will just show up now cos the world is turning to something else. RIP young men. My sincere hope is to see u in heaven coz I know u would have been wise end to surrender your lives even at your last moments on earth. As for those devils may your days be ever rough on earth and forgiveness be far from u. Die u must and painfully at that. I hate the police.


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