Aluu Mob Killing: Police Arrest 13 as Village Becomes Deserted

Police say 13 people have been arrested in connection with the Aluu mob attack that led to the death of four students who were burnt alive.

The gruesome video showing the killings has circulated throughout the world and it has led to several arrests, police say.

Police spokesman in Rivers State, Ben Ugwuegbulam said the police have not yet determined why the mob killed the four students were burnt on Friday.

Meanwhile, reports have it that Aluu, the village where the killings took place have now been deserted as hunt for the killers continue.

Several derogatory comments about the village have also been circulated in pictures over the internet. Check out the one below.


  • The course will follow the entire Village,non of their children will ever graduate,their youths shall die mysteriously,no father in aluu will ever eat the benefit of his children,as they kill those boys and burn them alive, so shall they burn their selves tragedy will the reigning thing in their community.

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