Aluu4: Community Demands Release Of Its Detained Traditional Ruler… Denies Involvement

Two wrongs do not make a right and the only way to address an injustice is with justice! But when a community that is supposed to be burying its head in shame for the unpardonable atrocity committed on its soil is making demands on the same system it so spurned, then, the people of that community need their heads to be reexamined especially, their leaders.

The people of Aluu, Ikwere local government area of Rivers State, have broken their silence seven days after four students of the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) were killed by an irate mob in their community.

The community denied that its members were involved in the incident and demanded the immediate release of its detained traditional ruler,  Alhaji Hassan Welewa.

The people warned that they would not fold their hands against any further destruction of their community and the infliction of pains on them.They urged security agencies to take note of plans to attack Aluu community by some ethnic groups whose sons were victims of the mob action.

Spokesman of Aluu Garshon Benson, who disclosed this during a media briefing attended by the chairman, Aluu Council of Chiefs, Richard Kalu, called for the release of the detained traditional ruler.

Benson also called on security agencies to stop the harassment and arrests of innocent Aluu natives and urged the outfits to carry out a thorough investigation of the gruesome murder of the students and bring the culprits to book.

He said: “It has come to our notice that some ethnic groups in the state whose sons were among those murdered on our soil are threatening to attack Aluu. We really sympathise with them for the loss of their children and reiterate that no Aluu man has a hand in their death.

“We implore them to allow security agencies to fish out the actual killers of their sons, but also warn strongly that we will no longer fold our arms and watch further destruction of our communities and the infliction of pains and injuries on the good and law-abiding people of Aluu clan.”



  1. Where were the ruler and the council of chiefs when this attrocity was committed, they need to be punished as law demands, so as control the reoccurrence of such and save the lives of the citizen also to make a mark on wht it means to take laws into ones hand

  2. this is the result to repraisal confussion,conflict,misunderstanding,distruction and many question is would burning and killing of more life bring back the life of those boys,would that make d mother of the children give birth to the same children,would it make the pains stop burning in the heart of the paren.or will it make our community strong, would if make the perent forget their children and pains they went through.lets think before we act,lets consider the peace of mind to the parent,or ask would this bois be happy that some innocent life are lost for their sake.hmmmmmmmmm pls lets leave vengance to God who only has power over man

  3. Absolute rubbish, Where were the ruler and the council of chiefs when this attrocity was committed, they need to be punished as law demands, so as control the reoccurrence of such and save the lives of the citizen also to make a mark on wht it means to take laws into ones hand

  4. Dat spiker shuld shut d hole on his face, were whre dy wen dis was hapnin, if he claim is nt dia piple dat did it, hu den… He shuld watch he wrds carefuly or he wil trown 2 d statn… Stupid piple.. Aluu wil suffer it.

  5. The Evil leader hv d god’z to say no one in Aluu Community has hand in d killin of those 4 guy’z, GOD Wil punish al sons nd daugthers d Community wl nat hav peace in der life tym.

  6. There is no way somebody not frm that community would have the gut to commit such a crime in broad day light. This cat shld just shut up!

  7. Rubbish aluu must dance d music dey started..wen dey were burnin dos kids was d traditional ruler not there???God purnish dat Youth blood suckin leader dat is askin for d release of dat Evil chief…dis is d beginin the blood of Ugo,Lyiod,Teks nd Chidiaka will hunt dat community and dey will loose all der first sons tooo…woooo unto u Aluu community d wrat of God will rest on dat evil community u will never see peace…idiots crazy people..

  8. Dat goat askin for dat EVIL chiefs release should be also arrested bec he was at d scene wen it all happened all Aluu youths withnessed d killin sooooo he should shut his rotten mouth…Devilssssss cursed community..

  9. i have been saying it 4 days that aluu wd deny responsibility & knowledge of the execution of the aluu4. Their prominent sons have spoken demanding compensation & release of the vampire chief. Their attitude smacks of defiance a total lack of remorse or at least shame. Those people deserve no pity or mercy and these murders are beginning 2 look more like communal rituals than a punishment 4 theft. When did aluu people care about students from whom they steal with impunity? They should keep b ashamed of themselves

  10. This is d begining of d end for d barbaric ALUU community… I call 4 d blacklisting of dis evil blood-sucking community. The blood of dis innocent boys will forever hunt u frm generation to generation.

  11. Hmmm wot dix ppl did is really devlish n dy desire no mercy but on a second count i guex more killing n violent actions wunt still bring back dix young guys i dia by implore dat venganc shuld be left for God n den govt. Shuld bring the peptrators to book n deal with dem according to the law of d land.

  12. Aluu leaders are bunch of fools n illitrate to the best of my knowledge an ikwere man can never allow something whether good or bad to happen in his land without his notice, so dey r just trying to find a cover 4 dere illitracy n foolishness d whole aluu concil of chiefs should be sentenced by hanging, its a pity cos d presence of uniport is supposed to develop d people but they still in poverty of d mind n underdeveloped.

  13. all those solicitin for peace in aluu::::i dnt blame u’ll
    wel iits bcos ur broda or causins were not one of the victims thats y ur sayin trash….NONSENSE thunder strike that village spokesman dead whr evr he is…Aluu is already cursed and that curse shal for ever dent their stinkin cursed children all the days of their miserabl lives…for that spokesman, he shud go to uniport to warn studnts to stop wreckin havoc on em na if hell ll not fall on him…infacti strongly suport any action watsoevr the studnts shal carry sins we cant trust justice again….let aluu be renovated nd paintd wit the blood of those youths responsibl for the death of our fello studnts.. they deserv hell cos i dey paro

  14. Nigeria is just a nation where there are bunches of too many constitutions but never law abiding. If I have my way to be among any of the three arms of govt in this land, ALL, I repeat-ALL the muderers will be arrested within a week & I will pay them ALL in their own coin. Trust me fellow Nigerians. We don’t have a leader in this Nation.

  15. all de aluu people are mad dey have de guts to demand for de release of dia God forsakken leader, dey are bereft of morality, i wish i had military power, i would outlaw aluu forever bombing starts immediately Mtchewww

  16. In a lawless country like nigeria, one is not safe. Out of jealosy or any other reason, a person can be set up: one needs only to shout thief, thief, he is gone before one knows what’s going on.


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